Three Weeks & Google Found Me!

It’s been three full weeks now on my journey with WA, and what a ride it has been.   My stats on WA have increased to 75 people following me, which I didn’t expect at all!   I’m following a few of you myself.

Google recognized me this week too.  What a thrill to have a popup saying “Google has found you!”  Well, it’s something like that, anyway.  I was found.

I only have two more training modules to get my 1st certification award.  To have so many milepost awards is a great incentivizer.

This community is so awesome.   It is so motivational to me to come into my office each day to check my stats and also see what people have posted.   I learn so much from these posts.  I can ask a question and within minutes someone has answered.  I have only had to contact support once!

Here, at WA, I find an entirely different mindset from other communities that I have joined in the past!  I love the non-judgmental, helpful attitude that WA members have afforded me so far.  It helps me want to take hold of this THING and hang on for the ride.

Where I used to just automatically open a puzzle to play each day (yes I WAS an addict =)  I admit it)   Now, I spend my day working on my website and teaching piano lessons. 

Now that is improvement, I’d say!   YEAH   WA!!

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