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Welcome To NewYou Health and Wealth Solutions.

You may have found my website, in the same way, I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You were searching for ways to supplement your income online.

Especially now, we are looking for additional income with the circumstances we face with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Right?  Online Income from home would be an ideal thing to have, wouldn’t it?  What are we to do?


Everybody knows that if you are going to make money online, you first need a website to work from.  A HOME as it were.

My first attempt at building a website was back in the ’90s.  I knew absolutely nothing and was basically experimenting with the whole internet concept.

All those new terms.

    • Autoresponder,
    • Funnels,
    • Emails,
    • Keywords,  etc.

Well, I had no clue what they all meant, except for my own analysis and brain to imagine what their meanings were.

I joined an autoresponder just to learn about it and find out how it worked.  It must respond automatically to emails. Right?

Well, that’s close.  It was all about the list, which I am just learning how important that is today in 2020.

The Internet Journey

Long story short, in those early days, I learned as I tried to develop a viable website.  However, knowing nothing of Google and algorithms nor SEO, I was shooting in the dark.

I just didn’t have enough internet savvy and my website failed to make any income.  In fact I didn’t even get any visitors. The only activity I had on my website was me.  I was a Newbie at internet marketing and so I failed miserably.

In 2006-2007 I acted as General Contractor in building our new home and was able to successfully build that home with a 1/3 value equity built-in to the value of the home.

I also built a WEBSITE about “building your own home to OWN IT in 3 builds”.  That website was successful enough to support itself with AdWords for a few years, but eventually the algorithms changed and I couldn’t justify the payment each month of only $33.00 A MONTH!

Of course, the housing bubble burst in 2008 and so we lost that equity but we didn’t lose our home.  However, we did not build another house.

By the teens in the 2000’s  I began hearing about people making pretty good money in Affiliate Marketing  .  I watched videos on YouTube and started following some of the gurus who were “making millions” with E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing.

First, I dabbled in Shopify and Alibabi and researched buying cheap products in China and selling them for an inflated price.  I was all ready to launch my 1st products when I saw a video about how LOOonngg it took to get the products delivered from China.

Then there was the problem of the returns, and I admit, I got discouraged.  Well, who wants to deal with those problems when Amazon is right here in my own country and delivers overnight?

I thought about Click Bank digital materials, but after buying a few of those, I realized that most of those are phony balonie as I had to ask for refunds on the programs I bought because they weren’t what they said they were all cracked up to be.

Later I started suckering into some of the “big gurus” products.  They seemed to have it all in a “done for you” program. There were 4 or 5 of those, but when it came to having to pay thousands of dollars for their done-for-you program, and if you put it on time-payments, there was no guarantee.  Unfortunately, I realized that fact too late and had to “eat” that mistake.  Thar was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

It became obvious that those done-for-you programs were only “half baked,” and to get the remainder of the ingredients, I had to plunk out money that I didn’t have because they had just drained it from my pocketbook with upsells.

I was so disgruntled and discouraged that when I stumbled onto a Wealthy Affiliate ad, I literally didn’t believe it was true. I think I signed up back then, but I did nothing about it at the time. That was back in 2016 or ‘17.

It’s not that I hadn’t tried.

I had spent 100’s of hours online, and I had purchased $1000’s of dollars of programs that just hadn’t worked, FOR ME!

Those Marketing Gurus all had a great sales pitch, telling me that it was easy to make money if I did EXACTLY what they did. But without money, I couldn’t stay with them.

After wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars chasing those wealthy gurus, I realized I was just fattening their wallets.

I continued seeing testimonial after testimonial about WA and I began to wonder if there was some truth to what people claimed about this platform.

Could you actually make money online with WA?

I realized one home truth:

There are two categories of online Marketers:

    1. Those who make the money online, and
    2. Those who do not.

I fell into the latter group.

Well, I decided I was going to accept the challenge that was constantly appearing before me, and see if WA was for me. 

I have never found another platform that offers

FREE membership,

FREE website,

FREE domain

FREE hosting,

FREE use of a keyword search tool

FREE privacy page,

All for FREE


This appeared to be q complete training on how to build a PROFITABLE website.

You could try the system out Free and see if you liked it.  You could even keep the free version if you wanted.  You would just be limited to less help. Here is a comparison chart.

IF I wanted to upgrade within the first 7 days I just had to pay $ 19 the first month and then $49/month after that to receive a trundle bundle of perks.

      • No more upsells.
      • No puzzle pieces missing.

That was Feb 1st, 2019.  I went Premium within the first seven days. In February 2019, I signed up for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate, as a ‘Starter member’, and created my first SEO website that WOULD BE hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.  Those ten free lesson modules have been instrumental to my success.

Before my ‘Starter Membership’ expired in seven days, I knew I was going to become a premium member. And I haven’t looked back.  In fact, I bought the Black Friday Annual Special last November (2019) for a great reduction in price and I highly recommend that.

As I started my first website at Wealthy Affiliate, I sure wished I had those 154 pages from my old homebuilding website that I abandoned years ago. Half the work is in writing the content and I had plenty of content in that old site back then.  I had pictures too, but my computer died and my website with it

One more thing.

Wealthy Affiliate has a  Global Community that responds to your day to day questions, plus weekly training by Jay that adds additional training on pertinent issues we face while building an SEO website.

I discovered that everything WA’ers were saying was true.

In this training there were step-by-step lesson modules using video in addition to text instructions, showing you how to create YOUR first website.

Once I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, I have tried to share this information with online entrepreneurs, who are searching for a successful way to create an SEO website that earns money.

Sharing Wealthy Affiliate alone, has the potential to help you be financially successful and eventually earn you a substantial online income.

Added to other streams of income, you too can join the thousands of Wealthy Affiliate earners with online Affiliate Marketing.

If you have any questions about Affiliate Marketing, or creating affiliate websites, please leave a comment and send me an email message:

When you join Wealthy Affiliate from my links on this page, I pledge my support to help you find answers to any questions and problems you might come up against.

Best wishes in finding the answer to your online marketing questions.





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