People Are Like Lemmings – What They Do In A Crisis


People Are Like Lemmings – What They Do In A Crisis?

What is a lemming?

LEMMINGLemmings are little creatures that become like sheep and follow the leader of the pack, even if it takes them over the edge of a cliff.

Let’s read a quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica

“So why is the myth of mass lemming suicide so widely believed? For one,
it provides an irresistible metaphor for human behavior.

Someone who blindly follows a crowd

—maybe even toward catastrophe—is called a Lemming. Over the past century, the myth has been invoked to express modern anxieties about how individuality could be submerged and destroyed by mass phenomena, such as political movements or consumer culture.”

Friday, Mar 13, 2020, When President Trump announced the National Emergency for the United States, people began to act like lemmings.  Many had not believed there was any problem, and there weren’t going to be shortages at the store.  I heard some people say, Oh, I just bought 20 pounds of rice and that will have to do.

Can you imagine what living on rice for 90 days would be like?  And, come to think of it, would 20 pounds feed a family of 4 for 90 days?

Well, about the time that the people all started rushing to the stores,  like the proverbial lemming, following the crowd, the stores’ shelves were emptied in a matter of minutes.  It was like the lemmings turned into a bunch of wolves and tigers all fighting for their last meal (in this case Toilet Paper was the #1 thing to buy.)  Little did they realize that more would be in in the night.

There were lines that stretched clear around the inside and some outsides of the store to the isle TOILET PAPER where the TP was sold.  In one store there was an area that was roped off and 2 men were handing out 9 rolls of TP to each customer.  At least they were being fairer to the public, and letting them go home with at least a little to perhaps last till the next shipment came in.

Of course, toilet paper was not the only item exiting the stores.  I saw pictures of Walmart,  &  Albertsons with EMPTY selves.  Oh, maybe there was a partially opened twinkie or a broken bag of chips, but mostly NOTHING on both sides of the isles.  The freezer section was empty.  The produce section entirely devoid of any fresh produce!

One man reported, “I had just been to the store the day before and I did not believe the reports because that is not how it was just the previous day.”

Day by day the situation changes, Last night the shelves were emptied, cleaned, and restocked with a new truckload of items so that this morning didn’t look so hopeless.

But in some areas, the situation will be different than it is in my area.

Many pro-active stores are taking the opportunity to clear off and sanitize the shelving.  One man saw them putting lone cans of food in a grocery basket where they sold them for up to 75% reduced in one store.  That may be why shelves appear empty. It again would be easier to clean the shelves when empty.

Funny that while the food and paper goods are disappearing, the candy aisle appeared untouched in a picture sent to me from St. George, Utah.  The caption said, “Maybe the Easter Bunny is taking a vacation this year, or are they just postponing Easter?”

UPDATE May 27, 2020

Several weeks have elapsed since I  first started writing this article and things have changed slightly in the USA.

We have gone through tremendous upheaval in our financial world due to voluntary/mandated partial lockdown because of Covid-19 except for essential places of business.  Things have been grim for many because many businesses had to let their people go.  Yes, they lost their jobs and those people have not had any income.

What do Lemmings (People) do without Money to buy Food and Necessities?

Our day has been compared to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.   This was not a pleasant time for some, because of mental depression.  For some, all hope is lost when they lose their job and they see nothing but failure.  As in the Great Depression, many people’s thoughts have turned to  drugs and suicide during this time.

Some people started searching the Internet for ways to make money.  Others took their Handyman skills and put themselves up for hire, to put in cabinets, do drywall, build a new bathroom for others, do landscaping, etc. Those with programming skills have developed an online business on their computers,  and have built websites, write content, etc.  

Some see the glass half empty and others see it as half full.

In the meantime, President Trump has worked tirelessly to do everything in his power to get this countries economy back up and running again.

There is great conflict between political parties and scientists in America. and this has been no picnic.  Depending upon who you are listening to, the advice you receive is varied.  Some feel it is safe to re-enter the streets and beaches.  The general thought now due to so many who have already had Covid-19 as shown by antibodies testing, is that it is not as big a threat to us as was first put forward.

Even the CDC has changed its mind about the numbers and stats.  Seeing the actual numbers and the flattening of the curve of deaths and people contracting Covid-19 is very encouraging.

Of course, the media will never report it, so half the country doesn’t even know this is the case, and they still think we are in for a great horror show coming up because the people are all doing the wrong thing by running to the beaches and not social distancing.

When you compare the numbers of deaths we were supposed the have (into the millions) to the actual numbers, you really wonder what all the fuss is about.

Fewer people have died from this virus than the actual flu each year and no one has mandated a lockdown over it.  Sweden’s example has shown us that we can open up our countries without worry. Even North Dakota did not mandate lockdown and they are doing very well.  Agreed, there are some states with a high population that needed some mandates.  But this thing has turned into a political volleyball.

Even elderly people are not in as much risk unless they already have an existing problem.  Those with an existing condition are the ones who actually die, so we have learned that they need to be especially careful to stay home and avoid contact with potential carriers.

Our American President is looking out for all US citizens, both old and young.  In April stimulus checks were given to all families within the lower income brackets.  Of course, one month’s check will not solve our problems, but it gave a little relief.  Banks and lending institutions are working with loan holders, and in some cases, if people cannot pay mortgages and car payments they are allowing no payment for several months and then are pushing the loan out the end.

The effort being made by the President and his Task Force, to get the country on its feet again, quickly hopefully will avert a massive economic crash.

Most schools have ended this year’s studies with online testing.  Even High School Seniors in many cases were denied the ability to have their graduation services.  However, some graduates took matters into their own hands and in one case I’m aware of, thought “outside the box” for their 2020 Senior Graduation..

Graduation Ceremony

The students got together with their teachers and the Principal and decided to hold graduation at the local Drive-In Theater.  Then the Senior students in Computer Science class proceeded to prepare a video with pictures of each student as a baby, “in school” snapshots, and Senior snapshots in their Cap & Gown. This was shown until it got dark enough to proceed with the ceremony.

There were 160 graduates and each was allowed 2 cars to be in attendance.  In the end, the students prepared a wonderful program and some spoke on the film.  The sound was put through a local radio station so we listened to it inside our cars on our radios. (practicing social distancing)

In the end, the students walked across the front of the Theater (below the big screen) and actually received their diplomas.

They returned to their cars where each student stood outside their cars and switched their tassel from one side to the other.

As a grand finale, there were fireworks celebrating the graduates of this High School.  What a fitting way to end such a grand celebration.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a graduation ceremony as much as I enjoyed this one.




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