What Are Stem Cells – Are They Important?


According to Wikipedia “Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into other types of cells, and can also divide in self-renewal to produce more of the same type of stem cells.”

That is really over some people’s heads, and so I am going to focus on the “self-renewal to produce more of the same type of stem cells” through nutrition.

Nearly every ad about health that you see on TV, on your computer, or in the news, is talking about Stem Cells or Anti-Aging.

Let’s face it we all hate to see our bodies break down.  Years ago, I remember seeing an Ad for finding your Real Age.  

I was 59 at the time and watched a video of a young woman growing old.  It was not something we want to see but was very informative as to why people age and look wrinkled in old-age.

As a result, I took their test and what I found was devastating!  Imagine how I felt!  I was only 59 but my real-age was 72!!  It was due to so many health challenges, several medications, and lack of exercise that my real- age was so high.

You can understand why I began looking for products

Young man-woman
Young appearance

that would help reverse my age.    I was able to find several natural supplements through the years that have helped me live to now be 76 literal years young.  That would mean that in 27 years later I am 4 years older than I was at age 59   – in Real-Age, of course. (To find your “real age” click HERE).

Women hate to see their skin starting to sag and wrinkle. They even deny their age and say they are 20 some-odd in age for 24-100 years. if they live that long.

Break-throughs in skincare have made it possible to hide wrinkles for a number of hours.  What woman doesn’t love to put her best face forward?  Then she covers it with creams and moisturizers at night only to follow the same regimen the next day.

But is it possible to actually reverse-age so your skin is tighter and wrinkles actually disappear?

  A New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging 

Are YOU Experiencing Any Symptoms of  Aging?

  •     How Is Your Eye Sight?  Is It Getting Worse?
  •     Are You Feeling Fatigued, Tired, And Just Run Out Of Pep?
  •     Are You Lacking Energy And Stamina?
  •     Do You Have Shoulder Or Knee Pain?
  •     What About Joint Or Back Pain?
  •     Does Your Neck Ache?
  •      Is Your Skin Changing?
  •     Arms And Legs Getting Thin Skin?
  •     Do You Have Dark Circles Or Bags Under Your Eyes?
  •      Does Your Face Show Wrinkles Around Your Eyes?

These are just some of the symptoms we may experience as we age.

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DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.

What is a pacemaker?


When JR’s heart started failing him again,(JR is an assumed name) his cardiologist ordered a pacemaker to be scheduled for an implant.  So, just what is a pacemaker?

A pacemakeris a medical device that uses electrical impulses to regulate the beating of the heart.

Until more recent years, Hospice was generally called in when a person’s heart slowed to only a 20% ejection factor.  That was before the advent of the pacemaker in the mid-1980’s.

Since then, medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds.   The wars have given so much opportunity for science to  develope sophisticated appliances and medical devices due to war injuries and continual advancement in the world of computers

Great inventive break-throughs with computers and longlasting batteries have made the pacemaker a commonplace device to be used for patients with heart problems that can be helped through electrical stimulus.

Long lasting batteries make replacement of batteries only necessary every 10-12 years.

JR’s doctor visit in 2014 determined that his heart had again slowed down to 20% ejection factor.  JR’s heart had failed him eight years before and only through the Lord’s mercy and miracle heart drugs was he saved. Read his miraculous story HERE

With the low 20% ejection factor of JR’s heart, Dr “C” (C for cardiologist) elected to install a 3 wire pacemaker because JR’s heart was slowing down again.  This often happens as people age who have heart trouble.  The pacemaker would cause JR’s heart to beat if it forgot to beat, or if it stopped, the pacer would jumpstart his heart through electrical impulses to cause it to continue to beat.

Implanting the Pacemaker

Everything went well until the 3rd wire was beginning to be implanted.  The problem was, everywhere that Dr. C tried to hang that third wire, JR got the hiccups.  His heart was full of scar tissue and everywhere that Dr. C tried to attach or hang that third wire he would start hiccuping again.  The scar tissue was a result of “his heart attack.”

That simply would not do.  It seemed that the only option was to try to hang the 3rd wire on the outside of JR’s heart, hoping of course, that the scar tissue didn’t go that far. This required a surgeon.  Dr. C had to speak with  a heart surgeon to inquire if this was even possible.

The doctor had to hang the wire on the outside of JR’s heart.

JR had had a heart attack?  “Why didn’t you tell us he had a heart attack?” they asked his wife.  She replied something like this “Well You are the Dr.  Why didn’t you tell me?”

Immediately, Dr. C came to JR’s wife Mia,  (assumed name) to inform her of the problem.  He also told her that it was because of JR’s heart attack that there was scar tissue inside his heart and nowhere to hang the third wire. He asked why JR hadn’t told him JR had a heart attack? They probably wouldn’t have even attempted implanting a pacemaker had they known JR had had a heart attack.  What were the warning signs of a heart attack?

This was news to Mia.  A heart attack?  When did JR have a heart attack? Dr. C. assured Mia that JR had had one.  The scar tissue proved it.

Now we don’t often get to look at the inside of our body, so how would you really know if you had a heart attack unless you had PAIN.  Oh, the pain, when JR’s heart nearly stopped 8 years before. But that wasn’t in the heart.  Those were leg pains.  Read about JR’s leg pain HERE

Dr. C. wanted to find out who did JR’s heart bypass surgery 8 years previously.  She remembered Dr. “T” as being his surgeon.

Dr. C then contacted Dr. T to consult with him on the issue.  They determined they would have a good possibility of hanging the third wire on the outside of the heart, and so they scheduled the surgery for the following morning.

What exactly does a three-wire pacemaker do?

In layman’s terms, the pacemaker can restart the heart, if it stops, or simply cause it to beat if it fails to beat or gets out of sync.

They had to put a “garden hose” in his side for drainage as well as make another hole to manipulate the 3rd wire through.  In addition, they had to separate a couple of ribs so they could get to the heart to attach the wire(s).  However, Dr ” T” decided for good measure he would put in a fourth wire.  Just in case the third wire failed, JR would have a backup.  JR is one of the very few people with a backup wire for his 3-wire pacemaker.

The three-wire pacemaker will jolt you if your heart stops beating.  I’ve heard that sometimes people with a 3-wire pacer will often have a car accident if they are driving when they get jolted because it jerks the body so much.  I imagine it doing something like when they use the paddles on you in the hospital; it causes you to jerk.  Not having one of those type pacemakers, I can’t say for sure.

Having a 4 wire pacemaker means that there is one wire hanging loose inside JR’sbody.  The Dr informed JR that the only drawback is that he can never have an MRI with a wire hanging loose in his body.  CT scans are OK but not an MRI.

Thank you for reading my post.  Please leave your experience and/or comments below.

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DISCLAIMER: Not being a health care provider, my information is merely personal knowledge and info gained through personal family experience.  Always consult a professional healthcare provider for technical information as relating to your health.



What is Pain and Why do we have it?

Stress headacheThe Miraculous Machine – THE BODY!

What is pain and why do we have it? Our body is a miraculous machine, When it is operating correctly, everything works well and we don’t have pain.  But when something starts going wrong, we will get a warning sign in the form of pain.  Pain is a good thing.

How bad is your pain?

When we break a bone we generally have pain too.  Not everyone feels pain the same. Some people can take horrendous amounts of pain, while others can barely tolerate a tiny amount of it.   Some people have lost feeling as in my case due to diabetic neuropathy my legs and feet are numb and don’t feel pain there except rarely.

Ordinarily, my pain threshold is very low, in that, I can not take much pain, whereas my husband tolerates pain very well. On a scale of 1 to 10, his pain tolerance would be a 10 where mine would be a 1.

The doctor always asks me  “on a scale of 1-10, how bad is your pain?”  I never knew how to answer that question, after all just how bad is BAD?  Then one of them defined the pain  saying: “…on a scale of 1-10,  a 1 being no pain and a 10  being eaten by a POLAR BEAR!  Well, when you put it that way it makes it easier to say.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is “A disease affecting peripheral nerves.  Nerve damage could be caused due to several different conditions. Diabetes is the most common cause. The commonly noted symptoms are pain and numbness, muscle problems and problems with body organs….” —  Data from Focus Medica.  — Reviewed by a panel of doctors

As a result of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, I have lost a fair amount of feeling in my lower legs and feet, and so no one really knew my ankle was broken when I body-slammed 255 lb of body weight into my ankle.  It stood to reason that my ankle was broken, but with no pain, the obvious was not apparent.

When we get pain, it alerts us to the fact that something is wrong. Let’s list a few of the things that may be wrong when we get pain

  • Sprained or strained muscles
  • Inflammation
  • Fluid around the lungs
  • Fluid in the lungs
  • Pneumonia or Covid-19
  • Ulcers
  • Cancer
  • Appendicitis
  • Gallstones
  • Malfunctioning installed medical devices (read about this further down in this article)

Lately, I have had pain in my right side in my chest and lung area. It isn’t noticeable when I’m upright- standing or sitting.  But when I am lying down, it has been very difficult to roll over in bed without pain. It has been especially painful when I try to get out of bed after sleeping for a few hours.  One night I only slept for 4  1/2 hours and once I got up to use the ladies room, I just got dressed because the thought of having to get up again, was too painful to even think about going back to bed.


Last January, our daughter ended up in the hospital with walking pneumonia that nearly cost her her life.  This was due to mis-diagnosis because the doctor could not hear anything in her lungs and refused to get an x-ray.

She had to walk out of her doctor’s office FOR THE THIRD TIME THAT WEEK and directly into the Health Clinic next door where she got an  X-ray and was sent straight to the ER and spent 5 days in the hospital .

She encouraged me to have my lungs X-rayed just to be sure I wasn’t dealing with something like she had.  I have been assured that if it were me or my husband with that case of pneumonia, we wouldn’t have lived through it,  Naturally, I got an appointment.

I went to the doctor and the doctor said it wasn’t my lungs.  They sounded clear, and he said it was probably just inflammation.  He asked if I would like to have an X-ray taken.  I asked him if he thought it was necessary.  He said “no,” so I agreed that I wouldn’t.  After all, he’s the expert, right?  He did say “if it gets worse, then come back in and see me.”

When the pain continued to escalate, I decided that maybe we DID need to have my lungs X-rayed just to rule out the possibility of walking pneumonia.

After the lungs were X-rayed,  they were pronounced “Clear with No fluid in or around them.”  So three questions still exist:

    1. Why do I still have pain?
    2. Why is it getting worse?
    3. What is causing the pain?

Asking Siri for Info

Of course the natural place to go is to Siri and I found several possibilities ranging from inflamation to pneumonia all the way to colon cancer.  I have consulted with two Dr friends and gotten different opinions and options.

Being one who “listens to my body” I am always open to alternative options so when my daughter came bearing her Red Light Therapy system, I agreed to try it.

Does Redlight Therapy work?

Her husband’s RA (rheumatoid arthritis) was put into remission using this system.  His doctor had recommended it for him.   Well, I’ll try it and see if it can help my pain.

To buy this therapy system is over $1,700 and the write-ups about it on the internet are positive.

Red-Light-Therapy-SystemThe system has 4 infrared lights about “4×2” and these lights connect to a box that controls the electrical current.  There is even a boot to hold the light on your foot.  Each light is placed on the painful areas and then secured to the boot or a belt with velcro to hold it in place. You are not supposed to use them for more than 30 minutes to prevent getting burned.

Well, I tried this once and the pain lessened, and I was able to get out of bed without tears streaming down my face.

My Methuselah like experience has taught me not to make hasty judgments about things like this, so I will end this “experiment” here like a cliff-hanger.  In a week, I will let you know if in fact, red light therapy has helped my pain.  Until then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I am back again with a possible solution to Why My BP and Pulse Were  So Low?”


 Why the Pain?

First of all, I said I’d report on the Red Light Therapy System.  Does it work?  Yes, it definitely chases the pain away.  I have resorted to using it several times for various pains I have had since this published in September of 2019.

It has been a week later since I said I don’t believe in making hasty decisions, and I have had a harrowing  experience I wasn’t even expecting.  This popped in, out of the blue, and possibly explains why I have had the pain I have had.  No one thought of it, not even one of the three doctors I spoke with.

I kept thinking I needed to have my Boston Science Pacemaker evaluated to check on the life of the battery again, but I was assured by my husband that last time we had it checked, (June of 2018) I still had a couple years of life left on it.  So I did nothing.

I woke up Friday, Aug 30th, after having had the pains mentioned above and I was having trouble seeing a complete image of things.  It felt like I was dragging my legs to get anywhere.

I had white splotches in all my vision.  Only seeing part of an object, not seeing a blackout, but instead, the object was “whited” out.  Really strange phenomenon.

My balance was unstable, more than usual.  I had a slight headache and was a bit shakey.  I wasn’t thinking too clearly.  I thought it was Saturday and so I got a shower for an event in a couple of hours later on Sat.. (The truth was it was Friday, so my mind was not thinking clearly either.)

After my shower, I   dressed and went into the kitchen to take my Micro Daily Nutritionals.  I was so off-kilter that I somehow knew I was going to the hospital for surgery to replace the battery in my pacemaker.

Consequently, I didn’t take my usual shake and only drank a small glass of micronutrients.  At that point, I decided to take my blood pressure.  It was 65/58 with a pulse of only 55.  No wonder I felt so terrible.

Getting an Appointment

I immediately tried to get an appointment to have my pacemaker evaluated to see if the battery had quit.  All I could get was the nurse’s answering machine saying “If this is an emergency call 911  etc…” and she was out of the office and would get back to me within 24 hours-but due to Labor Day meant 4 business days, which meant next Tuesday.  This was a 4 day weekend.

Well, I couldn’t wait that long.  I was failing fast.  We hate the long wait at the ER but headed there immediately anyway.  Then my husband suggested we go by the Idaho Heart Institute and see if someone could check my pacemaker there.

I tried calling the DR’s office one more time and this time waited for the prompts all the way to “for pacemaker technical support press 4…” and a bright cheery voice of a lively young woman answered saying “Pacemaker technical support”.  I explained my predicament and she said for us to come right over and she would see me immediately.

She checked out the pacemaker and immediately said “it’s not your battery, you still have 6 months left on that.  You’ll want to come in every two months to be checked just to be sure.”

But Why are my BP and pulse so low? 

“Wait.” I said “why is my BP and pulse so low?” and she replied “well there is something else I can check here.  Oh, .. …”  She picked up her phone and called someone telling them to look at the stats she was getting, and then she said “Yes, what you said” to the person on the line.  She obviously didn’t want us to hear what the other person said.

She went out of the room for a minute and then came back in saying the doctor who was available in the office that day was going to come see me.  Remember, I did not have an appointment.

We waited a short 10 minutes (which was far less time than we would have waited at the ER) When the doctor took one look at my stats, he quickly left the room giving orders to one person to “call for…… ” and another person to “be sure to do…..” and then he came back in the room and talked a couple seconds and was running out in the hall again.

“Did you get…  Are they ready?”  We figured he was dealing with other patients while trying to slip me in between them, since I didn’t have an actual appointment with HIM .  I had had a doctor like that once and I never really knew when my appointment was over.  I hated that kind of doctoring and told my husband so as the doctor exited the room once more.

Finally the doctor returned to the room to stay put saying,  “There’s good news and bad news here”

Your Battery Isn’t Dead YET!

“The good news is that your battery isn’t dead YET” he stated.  “The bad news is you have a faulty lead wire.  It’s either fractured or leaking. It has to be taken care of.”

He explained that since the battery was so near expiring they were going to replace it at the same time.

Whew!  I was glad about that!  I did not want to have two surgeries to pay for in 6 months.  Not to mention the trauma it puts on the body to undergo surgery.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “it’s a 4 day weekend  so we are going to repair it NOW.” Today?  I asked and he said “NOW.”  Then he instructed us to pick up a packet the girls had put together at the nurse’s desk “and take it to the hospital.  “Do not stop at the admittance desk.   Go straight up to the 4th floor and hand that packet to the nurses at the desk there. They are aware that you are coming and they will take  care of you from there.”

He reiterated the fact that we should not speak to admittance, “they will take a lot of time admitting you and we have already taken care of that for you.  No, do not go to the ER.  Go straight to the forth floor.”  He told us who my Doctor would be.  He even told me my room number.  I realized then that his popping in and out of the room was spent arranging for my admittance to the hospital and talking to the cardiac specialist and surgeon at the hospital who would take over my case.

Did they really get the message?

What a surprise for us to get to the hospital and basically be put on hold.  We went in thinking I was going right in for surgery, and the nurses there didn’t even know why I was there.  My doctor at the Heart  Institute had obviously spoken to the Cardiologist at the hospital and he hadn’t relayed the message to the nurses there.

I was gowned and labs were done, including taking my Blood Sugars, which were at a whopping low of 63.  Well of course!  I hadn’t eaten anything that morning and it was now 3 pm.  With an insulin pump, you keep getting a dose of insulin every hour to keep your sugar levels even for what you may be eating.

Well, I hadn’t eaten ANYTHING, so I was bottoming out there too.  The nurses immediately brought me a Turkey sandwich and a glass of Orange Juice and a Lorna Doone cookie.  “To heck with the diabetic diet, this girl needs food NOW.”

I asked about the surgery, but they said they didn’t know anything about it, and if I was to have surgery  it would be in the morning most likely.  They said everyone had gone home in surgery.  Besides, there were no doctor’s orders for surgery.

Talk about confusion.  I wondered why we were even there.  Then the Boston Science tech came in and tuned up my pacemaker and pronounced it working again, so I was as good as new and could probably go home that night.  Sooo what about the fractured wire? Well, he had just tuned it out, so the heart wouldn’t hear the noise it was creating. “Really?” I asked.

He left and I continued to eat my turkey sandwich and drink my OJ.  Somewhere amid all this chaos, the Cardiac Doctor came in to meet me and informed me they would be up to get me for surgery in a few minutes.  Oh wait, they haven’t done your  I-V yet?  no cath?   Well he tuned up the nurses and they quickly obeyed.

Oh Really? 

You’re trying to get blood out of a turnip?


I swear, that nurse tried to get blood out of a turnip from my arm, because my veins had collapsed due to no food or drink all day.  He was so determined to get blood out of the middle of my arm.

He kept saying “Oh, come on.  It’s right there. Four, Five, Six times he kept trying the same place.  I had always been told lab techs couldn’t try the same place more than 2 times.  Even after 3 + weeks, that spot still was bruised.  I kept saying “just try my hand. They can always get blood from it.”

I ended up raising my voice at him saying “Oh for Pete’s sake, quit being so stubborn.  Just take it from my hand like I told you you’d have to!”

That guy wasn’t about to have a patient know her own body, HE WAS THE NURSE!  Even after that, he still attempted to insert that needle into a flattened blood vessel one more time!

A female nurse came in about then and I begged her to try.  I said “Can you get blood out of difficult veins?” She said “Of course” and I cried “Oh please, YOU do it!”  She went right to my hand and slipped it in the first time.

I learned later I should have fired that male nurse.  I’m paying the bill, I can demand another nurse.  Yes, we can do that.   But when your brain is only half operating, it’s hard to remember a little thing like that.

Once those two jobs were completed, and before very long I was being wheeled down the hall to the elevator and taken to surgery.

Getting Down to Business

Now the surgeon was really feeling good about the coming weekend, Labor Day and all, and invited everyone to go to “C……’s” for dinner after this surgery was over.  They joked because he knew they were still on duty and wouldn’t be drinking so it wouldn’t cost him too much.

I was not put to sleep for this surgery, I wasn’t given any anesthetic.  Just Percocet to make me not feel anything, because they wanted me to be able to interact with them and to obey certain commands to test the new wire they were putting in.

There were half a dozen people assisting with this procedure including the Boston Science tech.  At least these assistants were not talking about their dates last night like happened with my first pacemaker experience nine years previous.

When these people got down to business it was all business. “hand me that screwdriver there.”.. .” take that around one more time.”  “dab that blood” etc.  I even knew when they were screwing the lead wire into my heart.   No, I didn’t say I felt it, I just knew they were doing it and I asked what they were doing.

The procedure was over in about an hour and I was headed back up to my room.  I had no more problems with nurses.  Lucky for me, that one objectionable nurse went off duty during my surgery.

You can sure tell the difference between a nurse who is just there for the paycheck, and a nurse that truly cares about his/her patients’ comfort and care.

Time has elapsed

It has taken me several weeks to finish this article.  I really have had a hard time bouncing back.  I have been Sooo tired.  Can’t stay awake.  Who would have guessed a malfunctioning pacemaker could affect the body so much.

My body pains I was having appear to be entirely related to the heart’s inability to interpret the signals it was being given.  Without adequate blood flow to my brain, eyes, and lungs, I was feeling pain in that one lung, not thinking clearly, and vision was affected.

A Change Of Color

My husband knew I was going to be better because he could see the difference in my color when I was wheeled back into my hospital room.  He describes it this way.  “It’s like you had a worn out Model T Ford and now you have a brand new Cadalac.”  The new tecnology gives me an additional 4 years battery life compared to the old one.  It should last me at least 11 years instead of 7.

I have given you the details that I have to help you understand the things that can happen with an old pacemaker.  Not that you would have the same symptoms as I did, just that your body will tell you threw pain and other symptoms when things are not right.

Again I remind you that pain is often there for a reason, and masking it with painkillers may not be the right solution, especially if you are”bionic” like me with medical devices assisting your body to live.

Thank you for reading this long post.

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Please leave your comments below.

DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should contact your doctor for professional care.





What Is A Medical Wound Vac?


What is a medical wound vac?  When I was in rehab (see my story) I had to have a  Medical Wound Vac to help my broken ankle wound heal.  I suffered from a leg bone that poked through the skin due to a horrible accident.  In the process of surgery, the doctor was unable to grasp any skin to cover a portion of the hole that had been made due to the force of the bone popping through the skin..

Consequently, after surgery,  there was a hole about the size of a nickel that was not covered by any skin.  Until that healed over with new skin, the wound was open, with chances for infection setting in.

About 5 weeks after  my ankle  accident, the Dr finally ordered a wound vac for me. He felt it would help the healing of the skin and possibly stimulate new skin growth.

The purpose of a wound vac is to eliminate any fluid building up inside the wound and then becoming infected.

My wound vac pump was rather cumbersome in size, however today they have some that the pump is relatively small.  This picture shows the flat adhesive waterproof dressing, the cannula, and the thick silver foam dressing.

A wound vac  consists of

  • A pump AND canula,
  • Silver Foam Dressing,
  • Adhesive Border Sterile Waterproof  Dressing

The Negative wound care therapy process:

The waterproof dressing is applied around the wound, leaving only the wound exposed.  In my case, my leg and ankle were covered by the waterproof adhesive plastic-like dressing.  All but the wound is covered by the adhesive plastic.

This is the most time consuming because a hole has to be cut to expose the wound. The nurse almost has to be an artist to sculpt such a hole. The waterproofing cannot have any leaks where air can get in and achieving a vacuum is the prime target.

Then the Silver Foam Dressing is cut to cover the wound itself, and then a strip about an inch wide is cut to form a strip to wherever the vacuum will attach.  The decision as to where to attach the vacuum is made by the nurse the wound vac dressing on.

The waterproofing went clear up to my knee. I worried that the skin under that clear plastic adhesive dressing would die and there would be worse troubles.  What a relief when the nurse changed the dressing the first time and all was fine.

For a couple of weeks, the cannula went down inside my boot and attached near my ankle.  This caused some consternation for me because the cannula tube left a deep indentation in my leg where the boot was tightened over the top of it.  

Then a new nurse began applying the dressing and took the foam out above the top of my boot.  That was a much better solution.

In my case, the foam went nearly up to my knee. That caused me to not be able to bend my knee and was highly uncomfortable.  This had to be adjusted until she was satisfied as was I.

The foam was then covered with another layer of the waterproofing. An exit hole was cut where the vacuum was attached forming a tight seal so the vacuum could pull fluid from the wound through the foam dressing and out, away from the wound.  This keeps the wound free from body fluids making a better environment for healing. 

The foam is

  • Antimicrobial,
  • Non-Stick Padding,
  • Sterile,
  • Highly Absorbent &
  • Comfortable

Once the vacuum is attached, the 3/4 inch high foam is sucked down to be very flattened.  It is sort of like after you put sweaters or blankets in a plastic bag and then suck the air out of them.  They flatten right down. This foam does the same thing.

That wound vac is a marvelous creation

The war in Afganistan and Iraq caused the need for a number of modern medical inventions.  Years ago, I would have lost my leg because of infection.  As it was I nearly lost it, but for the help of the medical wound vac, I would have.  I could show you pictures of the wound and of the healing process both   before, during, and after the wound vac was used, but they are too gross.

Even with the wound vac, the healing was extremely slow.  So much so that the orthopedic doctor did not hold any hope for it healing once infection manifested itself.

He wasn’t even concerned all those 9 weeks while the wound vac was on, whether my ankle bones were healing, because IF this wound didn’t heal, I was facing amputation of my lower leg.

The doctors ordered me to take 30 grams of protein every day, sometimes even twice a day.  At first, I took Premier Protein and then I added a powdered protein called “Protein Daily” to half a bottle of Premier.   That equated to 30 grams per serving.  Once I added the Protein Daily to my regimen, the wound healed more rapidly.  In about 3 weeks we were seeing pink skin.  Dec 15-Jan 7.

My accident was in mid-July and the doctor turned me loose about the 2nd day of March.  A very long healing process that I am forever grateful for wound vacs and powerful protein drinks.

Wound Care Center

It would take a wound specialist sometimes as many as 2 hours to apply everything to achieve suction.  After I left rehab, I was sent to a wound therapist at a Wound Care Center.

Each Wound Care Center gets its supplies from different suppliers, so we had to switch vacuum pumps from our initial supplier, Norco because Mountain View Wound Care Center used a different wound vac pump.  That caused us double billing for the month, because Norco,  billed in advance..  There will always be financial tussles to have to work out.  But we find those challenges to be much less a problem than the healing of a severe wound.

Dealing with Cannulas

My wound vac had a cannula and I really had to watch that I didn’t trip over it.   Well, it wasn’t that bad, but when I had to get dressed or use the ladies’ room it was a pain in the “you know what. ”

The wound vac had to be threaded through the leg of my slacks to get dressed.  Confusion amongst the CNA’s was common. ” Do you go from the top down or from the bottom up?”  More times than not, they had to reverse my dressing process mid-stream.

Then when we took a walk or wheelchair stroll, I had to have someone bring along my pump and oxygen.  It was a real effort to try to do anything or go anywhere.

Adding my wound care cannula to my other body fixtures , my nightly oxygen, and my insulin pump meant I had three cannulas helping me with my health.

I have been on oxygen at night for nearly 10 years now. I forget to breathe at night and my oxygen level goes down to 77 or lower.  While I was in rehab, I sometimes had to use oxygen during the day.  Believe me, that was crazy trying to keep the cannulas straight.

Between all the “fixes” in my body, I stay alive. Without them, I would probably just stop breathing one night and be snuffed out or suffer a stroke and wish the t’other would have happened.

I have an insulin pump, a pacemaker and oxygen at night. I’m hooked up to cannulas going every which way it seems.  But thank the Lord for these modern miracles.  I’m still alive and kickin’.  And thank Him for wound vacs that saved my leg so I’m still walkin’.

DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.

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Are Leg Pains the Sign of a Heart Attack?

Are Leg pains the sign of a heart attack?

In August 2006 a relative of mine had severe leg cramps that kept reoccurring night after night.  He wishes to remain anonymous, so I will call him JR.  They reminded him of the growing pains he used to have as a child, but these pains were much more severe.  Their daughter suggested a heart attack.  The question is: Are leg pains the sign of a heart attack?

Why was JR having Pain? Click HERE 

JR’s son  is a general practicing physician and also wishes to be anonymous  I’ll call him “Dr. Son.”  JR’s wife asked Dr. Son what it might be and he suggested a calcium deficiency and he said to eat a big baked potato smothered in butter. sour cream and cheddar cheese.  They took his advice but the leg pains continued.

It was always at night the pain came

His foot would be so misshapen or distorted as if the foot muscles were being shrunk up into his ankle, causing the foot to turn on its side. He would get out of bed to try and walk off the leg cramp.

When they visited their general practitioner they asked him about JR’s leg pains.  Again their doctor thought it was a calcium deficiency.  What else could it be?

One day in Feb of 07 JR had a harrowing day at work and that night he got the “mother of all leg cramps”.  He got up and went into the family room to sit in his recliner.  His wife, Mia (assumed name) got up to sit with him.

As JR sat there, another cramp came and he tried to nurse it to get it to go away, but it didn’t leave,  He got up again, thinking he could “walk it out.”

This time he became paralyzed in pain.  He couldn’t move his leg but had attempted to walk, which threw him off balance and he fell head-first into his recliner.  Tears were streaming down his face unless they were “great drops of sweat.”

The episode passed and JR and his wife went back to bed.  A couple of days later, Mia was talking to their Dr. son and she mentioned the incident to him.  He said: “let me talk to him.  Put Dad on the phone right now!”  JR was still in bed and Mia called in to him to pick up the phone, but JR said he couldn’t talk.

Mia assumed JR was in the bathroom, away from the phone.  Dr. Son said, “Well if he has another attack like this, you call 911 and you get him to the ER STAT.  That’s the only way you will know what is happening or going on.”

It wasn’t until the next morning that JR  told Mia he was in the middle of another attack when Dr. Son had wanted to talk to him the night before.

Their daughter mentioned her father-in-law had had a heart attack and the pain was in his leg.  That was enough for Mia.  She decided JR needed to see the doctor.  In trying to set up an appointment, they were unable to get one for 4 more days

JR’s appointment was with their regular doctor.  They visited him that next Monday.  The doctor found nothing to be concerned about. As Mia and JR were getting ready to leave what felt like empty-handed, the doctor popped back in and said, “I think I’ll get an EKG before you leave, just to make sure it’s not your heart.”

What is a “Left Bundle Branch Block”?

Well that EKG showed JR had a “Left Bundle Branch Block”.

The doctor was concerned and said JR needed to see a specialist.  The doctor didn’t set up an appointment for them, however, and it was another month before they could get in to see the Cardiologist, I’ll call him Dr. C for Cardiologist.  Dr C wasn’t specifically concerned but set up an Angiogram to be done in a week.

A week later, JR drove the car 45 minutes to the Angiogram appointment. Then he pushed Mia (wife) in a wheelchair from the parking lot up 3 stories in the elevator, and then down a long winding hallway.  They went too far and had to turn back again.  He was huffing and puffing so much that Mia asked him if maybe he should be in the wheelchair and she should push him?  But JR, being the man that he is, said “No. I’m fine”

Before they left home for JR’s appointment, Mia had the thought that JR should take some overnight clothes, just in case he had to stay over in the hospital.  But the thought was dismissed and they left without anything for an overnight stay.

Mia waited in the waiting room while JR was having the Angiogram procedure. When the doctor came to get her, saying “come with me,” she didn’t know what to expect but went with him into the room where the procedure was performed.   Dr. C wanted her to look at JR’s heart on a leg angiogram procedure video.  She couldn’t see it, so he pointed at the screen with a pointer.  “Look – at his heart.  See how it is pumping?”  Mia still didn’t see anything and said, “where?”

7% Ejection Factor

The doctor had to point it out to her and then took his hand and opened it up with all fingers extended and then closed his hand into a fist a couple of times saying: “THIS is how the heart is supposed to be pumping.”

Then holding his hand open again and barely moving it he said: “this is how JR’s heart  IS pumping.”  The Cardiologist also pointed out a 70% occlusion at a Junction point, which made a stent impossible, and open heart surgery necessary. 

However, if they tried to do surgery now, JR would die on the operating table because his heart had nothing to give at that point.  He would have to regain some strength back to about 55%- ejection factor before surgery could be performed.

The doctor informed Mia that JR was going to have an Echocardiogram and then would go straight to ICU.  Since the Cardiology dept was on a wing of the hospital, it was a quick trip to ICU.  Mia then went downstairs to have JR admitted to the hospital.

Little did Mia know that the doctor expected that JR would take one more breath and it would be his last. No one lives, with a 7 % ejection factor, with the exception of JR it seems.

Dr. Son flew in from  the west coast and mentioned his Superior had said: “how can your dad even be alive with a  7%  ejection factor?”

All of their children came home, expecting to attend a funeral.  JR had been attempting to do the finish carpentry work on their new home with a heart that was barely functioning.  No wonder it was taking him so long to finish their house.  They couldn’t move in until it was finished and approval was given by the city, so their children all pitched in and finished their parent’s new home while their dad lay in the hospital bed  40 miles away.

“Many hands make light work”

The term “many hands make light work” was never truer. After 3 days in the hospital, JR said “ well, you probably need this bed for someone else, and I might as well go home to die.  If that’s what you  are waiting for, it ain’t happenin’.”

So home they went, and the children continued to do the finished carpentry and painting on their new home so their parents could move in.

Thankfully there was no funeral and with the modern medications of a decade ago, after a month JR’s heart had increased in strength and had a count of 30% ejection factor.  Then by August, the ejection factor had risen to 55% and open-heart surgery was finally an option.

Eight years later

Eight years later JR’s heart started to slow back down to 20% ejection factor, which is when  Hospice is usually brought in.  JR got a pacemaker at this time, at 20% and they learned that his original pain in his leg was probably HIS heart attack. (Learn more HERE)

He had had an earlier heart attack! That’s another story for another article.  I’ll put the link in when I  get it written.  Suffice it to say. JR is still living with his heart pumping at a 28% ejection factor.  He tires very easily, has lost a lot of muscle, and keeps himself busy “puttering” around the house.

Sometimes heart attacks don’t show up as textbook maladies.  You should learn what the warning signs are for heart attack or stroke if you don’t know.  Knowing them could mean the difference between life and death for you or a loved one.

Read about the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke,  HERE.

Thank you for reading this and leaving your comments.

DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I write about.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.

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Writing a Hymn – Good for the Soul Music

Writing a Hymn Good gor the soul


Sometimes we need to step back and do something we love just for our mental or emotional health.  That’s what I did for a week in June of 2019.    I call it – “Good for the Soul Music.”

Writing My Hymn For Submission to the Hymnbook

When I was at BYU studying Music, my MusicTheory Professor told us we had a chance to submit a hymn and possibly be published in the new hymnbook that was coming out in a couple of years.  That was 1962 and I didn’t have any idea of how to write a hymn then, so I didn’t even try.  I had written a tune for our dorm to sing in a BYU competition but we didn’t win so my confidence wasn’t at it’s best.

I have learned a lot about composing music over the last 5 decades.  I have taught my piano students how to write their own music, and many of them compose music as adults today.

How to Write Music

To write music easier, some software programs like Finale/Phenole have been created that will print the music as you play it.  It is not super easy to use the program, but once you learn how, it sure takes the work out of writing all the notes and it really looks professional too.

My first music composing software was called “Finale” for my old Mac computer (1984)  I arranged a lot of music with that electronic music program. and then we bought an IBM type computer.  The Finale music program did not transfer to our new computer system.

Creating music without music composing software was never the same after that.  The windows format just isn’t an Apple computer.
I have since learned of some music composing software that is for the Windows computer, but I knew there would be a learning curve that I didn’t have time for at this moment.

I had created a MUSIC Bingo game on that old Macintosh, and I still use that MUSIC game today for my piano students..

Fast Forward To Today-2019

Nearly 60 years later, who knew that I would get a second chance at writing a hymn for another new hymnbook?  But without my   Finale music program, it would be hard!

Stepping back a bit, it had always been my intention to write a hymn for a new hymnbook, if they ever published another one in my lifetime.   So it was on my mind when the new hymnbook was announced.

Finding My Lyrics

My confidence was lacking in writing my own lyrics so I went to the scriptures looking for words I could put to music.  I had sung  “Elijah”  at BYU with the Oratorio Choir so I looked for some of those words.

The words were not all neatly typed for the composer, Mendelssohn.  He had to take a little from one verse of the Bible, and a little from another verse to ultimately write the lyrics.  They were pure inspiration.  Then he wrote the music for the words.

In the scriptures, I found a few things that I thought I might use for lyrics, but no inspiration for a tune was there.  Maybe I was putting the “cart before the horse.”


Writing the Tune

Then about a year ago in 2018, I  received a poem written by my husband’s great grandfather, Richard Godfrey, and I thought, “Oh, maybe this would make a good hymn? ”  But alas, It didn’t have words for today’s generation so I abandoned his poem, but not before I had a tune come into my mind for it.

I was in the car at the time, and I was reading Richard Godfrey’s poem when this tune came into my mind.   I only had my phone handy, so I hummed the tune in “video record mode” and got the tune preserved.

This was the start of my hymn.  I never even put it down on paper at that time.

Then one day a little later we were told that a new hymnbook would be printed later and we could submit our own hymns if we wanted to possibly have them included in the book.

For months  I had that tune running around in my head with more words matching the tune.  I would get up and put those words into a file on my phone labeled “my hymn”.  So I had 15 to 20 different phrases that matched the rhythm of the tune.

A Call to Action

It was late Sunday the 23rd of June, when my sister called telling me she had just heard that the deadline for our hymn submission was  July 1., 2019.   “You’ve got to enter your hymn.”  Oh, it’s too late I reasoned.  But she challenged me to DO It.  That meant I only had 1 week to write everything.  Could I do it?

First I had to transfer all my lyrics to my computer and then transcribe the tune onto the music staff.    And after the tune was written, then I had to make it into a chorale , or in other words in “hymn style.”  That was going to be a lot of work.

Here’s How It Happened

Elaine called June 23 and told me the submission day was July 1st  so that meant I only had one week to complete everything and submit it.  As I said, I had only the tune recorded on my phone and a number of phrases for the words.
I had two of my daughters and my sister and of course my husband review and give me comments and suggestions, but this tune is solely mine and the words came to me in the still of the night.

The tune played in my head

The tune was playing in my head almost constantly for a while this spring. In the night words would pop into my mind and I captured them on my phone-notes whenever that happened.
I then had to organize them into an order that made sense and I tried to rhyme the words. That was possibly the hardest thing to do.
I had the tune but then I had to write the chords and parts. After 3 days that came together.  I considered trying to find someone with the Phenole music writing program for windows.  But then I realized it would have a learning curve, and I didn’t have time to spend learning something new, so  I asked one of my creative  grandsons if he would come to script it for me so that it was legible.  Gratefully he did it in only 3-4 hours.

Only 3 Days Left

Then, when it came time to put on the pressure to complete this by July 1st, I had just 3 days left to complete it. Everything seemed against me. I had emailed the words to my sister, and then the words had disappeared from my notes on my phone.
I found them in the delete file, but then that very day, I never touched anything I swear, but my lyrics file was deleted right before my eyes. Gone forever. What was I to do?
Try as I might, I couldn’t remember very many phrases.  It was like Bam!  Remember this NOW! Whaat?
I could not remember.

All Was Not Lost

Then I remembered sharing them by email with my sister just the night before and I retrieved them from that sent email. Whew!

I tried to find the files I’d saved on my computer concerning this hymn.  I had a hard time keeping track of where they were on the computer. Sometimes, it was as if someone didn’t want me to find them.  It smelled of a conspiracy!  Funny how the mind can conjure up all kinds of reasons why the challenges are there.
In order to submit my hymn, I was required to create a profile page but I couldn’t find where to do my profile.  I searched and searched but could not find it.  Then, Friday, after praying desperately about it, the “create profile” page appeared on my computer screen when I entered the “submit your hymn” area almost miraculously.  That was awesome!  I was definitely guided every step of the way.
My grandson had taken pictures of my song and then stored them on my computer.  I had written the Title and Copyright info on it and saved it to a file.
1.  I had to convert everything to a PDF file,
2. Submit the hymn with my name and copyright,
3.  Submit the lyrics with my name and copyright
4.  Submit both hymn & lyrics without my name & copyright information. too 
I believe the reason the wanted a copy without the composer or author’s name on the submission form is so that when the Music Committee votes on which songs to put in the Hymnbook, they won’t be swayed by the name of the person submitting it.  Some people are famous and people might be swayed by the name alone.
When it came time to submit, I had done everything required but was unable to find the files where everything was stored anywhere.  I again prayed for help.
All I could think of was to call my grandson.   I figured he would know how to find the files.  As it turned out, he had taken a number of computer classes in high school and graduated from a college computer course in Windows Operating System (which I didn’t realize) 

There were less than 4 hours left

It was 8 pm and time was running short; I had less than 4 hours left so I called up my wonderful 17 year old teenage grandson again, and of course, he dropped what he was doing and came right over.  I kid you not.  He really did!!
To make a long story shorter, I had done a number of things that were unnecessary and he undid those and simply found my hiding files and entered them ready for submission.  I had done everything I needed to but simply couldn’t find where they were on the computer.  They were hiding right in front of me in my open files.
NOTE: If files are open, you can’t find them in your folders.  I prayed and prayed to be able to find them, but all I could think of was “call Brandon,”  and he knew exactly what to do.  In a little more than 45 minutes, he had me ready to submit.  But he made ME push the “submit” button.  After you push submit you can’t edit anymore.
After much trepidation, I pushed “submit”  but the submission form asked again “Are you sure you are ready to submit?”  Ultimately I finally pushed the button, thanking my dear grandson Brandon over and over again.   I never fail to be amazed at how it all came together.


It turned out that writing my hymn was good for my health, whether it is emotional or mental, call it what you may.  I had committed to writing a song with words to submit in less than a week’s time.  Mission accomplished – I did it!!  That was good for my psyche, for my soul.
I learned that with a lot of help from the Lord above and from some family members reviewing and commenting, I submitted it about 8:45 pm, June 30th, 2019.  It was three hours under the July 1st deadline.
We can do anything we set our minds to, we just have to ask for help.  If we don’t understand things then asking questions from Siri or Cortana, Google or our Heavenly Father usually will bring an answer.
Sometimes we get into things we don’t fully understand as I found several times.  When that happens we need to swallow our pride and admit that we need help.  I knew I needed help but thought it would miraculously appear, just like had happened before.  But It didn’t.  All that I could think of was to call Brandon. Sometimes prayers are answered through other people.
The moral of this story is, when you are in “over your head” don’t be afraid to ask for help, and when all else fails, get some help from an expert.  That expert may just be your 17-year-old grandson.
Thank you for reading about my experience.  It has been good for me to relay this unfolding saga.  Please leave your comments below.
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Falling, Saved From Broken Hip Recovery

EMT's give aid

Falling Out Of Bed

I have no desire to travel of lately because many times when I travel, I find myself falling out of the bed, (3 times to date) I have never fallen out of the bed at home mind you. Only when I’m on the road.  This time I was saved from a broken hip recovery. 

Five years ago, I fell off of a 36-inch high bed. I was at my sister’s home in a strange bed, sleeping on the opposite side than I usually sleep on, and I simply rolled over and was falling.

I woke myself saying “Oh no, I’m falling.” It was a long way down and instinctively I flipped over, like a cat in midair, so instead of landing on my back, I was heading for a “face plant.”

As I said, it was the longest fall I have ever had. It seemed to last forever, almost like I was “being held up in the air.” My right arm swiped the nightstand clearing off all items but the lamp. Then my hand fell down to the stool that I used to launch myself onto the bed. where I hung up on my pinky finger. How I hung there was an interesting phenomenon.

It seems that when I flipped in midair my left ankle became entangled in the sheet, which fortunately was tucked in at the bottom of the bed. This, unfortunately, left me dangling in midair, all 255 lbs of me, hanging by my pinky and my left leg.

My right leg hit the floor and I managed to free my right pinky finger from the stool. Then my right hand collided with the floor, but my hips were protected from hitting the floor with a bang, thanks to the entangled left ankle.

I realized that I had been saved from a potential hip fracture. I had had  a bone density test earlier and had been informed that I had a high risk of hip fractrue.

Oh, What a Fall!

I managed to get sat up on my right leg, which as I was hanging their midair, from my pinky finger on one side to my left ankle on the other,  I had to sweep my right leg under the bed in order to free it and be able to sit up.

I was pretty sure nothing was broken because I hadn’t crashed to the floor due to the miraculous way I landed or didn’t land. However I actually broke my little finger, but had no idea at the time.

At least that is how I felt.  My husband wanted to just lift me back up  He went and found a folding chair.so he could help me get my “tush” upon it and then lift my shoulders.  But I knew it would be impossible for him to do it alone, and I didn’t want him getting a hernia or having a heart attack trying to help me.

Paramedics Services

My weight was against me once I fell.  And this fall had taken its’ toll on me.   I knew I was too weak to try to get up.  I told my husband to call 911 for an assist from the paramedics.

That could be embarrassing if it’s your first assist, which it was for me and my husband.  He tried to insist on helping me, but I couldn’t do it.  We hadn’t even taken into account the shock my body might be in.

Been There, Done That Before

Paramedics assist patient

But my sister had already had to call for paramedic services twice before this for an assist when she had fallen. So they were familiar with her home address, and the fire department arrived within 5 minutes.

They were very professional and made sure I was fine before attempting to lift me up.  They did two things:

      1. First and foremost, they got me a blanket to keep me warm.  Well, my sister got it for them.
      2. To prevent me from going into shock, they suggested my Sis get me a peanut butter sandwich – some protein to help sustain me and stabilize my blood sugar. 

Finally, after 10 or so minutes, two firemen got on either sideFiremen assist of me to lift under the armpit and one fireman got in front of me pulling on my hands. “Ready to do this?”  they asked.  And they effortlessly lifted me up.  1,2,3…UP!  They helped me to the chair my husband had found and helped me sit down.

A Word To Seniors

When traveling keep your sleeping as close to your home habits as possible.

  1.  Sleep on the same side as you are used to
  2.  Place a high backed chair beside the bed to remind you where the edge of the bed is
  3.  Leave a night light on so you can seesaved-rom-a-broken-hip
  4. If you fall, check for broken bones
  5. Treat for shock
  6.  Cover with a blanket to keep patient warm
  7. Call 911 if necessary

Seniors, don’t ever be too proud to call the paramedics to come to assist you when you fall or need help. They will save you from breaking someone else’s back as they are trained in what they do.

And if they don’t transport you, at least in Idaho, they do not bill you.  As long as they don’t transport you, there is no fee charged for an assist.  Check your city or state’s policies.

Thanks for your comments.

DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any medical advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.


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Affiliate Marketing .What Is It?

Start Your Home Business

What is the best way to make money on the internet? 

As I searched the web I found more and more evidence that the best way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing .What is it?

In asking Siri “what is Affiliate marketing?” ,  I found that Affiliate Marketing is

“Performance-based marketing, in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts.”


As I researched, the more I learned the more I became convinced that there was a good opportunity to develop a good income from Affiliate Marketing.

For two full years, I studied tirelessly,  learning all I could about Affiliate Marketing.  I watched youtube videos and read articles about it, then I tried program after program, buying all the necessary tools I could afford to accomplish the goal.

Putting the cart before the horse

As an example, I signed up with Alibaba to buy items from China and have them dropshipped to the customer.

Here’s what I did:

  • I bought a Shopify account  Cost=$49/mo
  • Spent hours  looking for the products I wanted to sell
  •  I bought an autoresponder  =$19/mo
  • a Fiver account = Free,  Pay as you go
  • a domain name reserved and paid for = $19/ year
  • a web hoster = $2.50/ mo
  • A funnel training program =$299 + $49/mo,To be able to use the autoresonder with this you needed to pay $297/mo
  • Books $50
  • Bought another affiliate training program  = 4 payments $299.00 ea nonrefundable, I found out too late.  That ended up to be $1200
  • There were more, I forget them all.
  • I started to signe up with Amazon,

I was instructed to get all these accounts set up and I was far from ready to use them

I had the vision of Affiliate Marketing, but just not all the answers.  Eventually, I ran broke, and I discontinued all the tools and their costs.  The dream, the hope all dashed to pieces!

At this point I had learned all about

    1. email marketing,
    2. how to create funnels,
    3. how to make landing pages, and I’d made some good ones
    4. Found I needed an autoresponder ($$)
    5.  experienced search engine optimization (SEO) about 8 (eight) years before

I had been studying to learn about Affiliate Marketing for two years from all the latest, and so-called  “greatest affiliate marketing guru’s” on the web, but they always left out a piece of the puzzle.  Of course, for a bigger price they would show you how to do “that”.  They always seemed to be leaving out a major piece of the online marketing puzzle .

I counted the cost as part of my Education

However, once I started putting the dots together, I realized these “done-for-you” programs were so over my head, and without all the puzzle pieces, I realized that  I couldn’t make it without deep pockets. 

I considered the cost of all those tools and training as the price of my education in online Affiliate Marketing, but my pocketbook had run dry.

The gurus kept saying “don’t do search engine optimization”, but Wealthy Affiliate said “SEO” was “THE way to get organic FREE traffic” and I couldn’t afford to buy traffic.

Those other programs had taken all my available cash and still wanted more, so I had to look elsewhere for help.  Wealthy Affiliate appeared to have a FREE trial and kept showing up positively in reviews on YouTube and so I decided to give it a try. FREE worked for my budget.

Trying Wealthy Affiliate For FREE

When I first began my journey of a FREE trial with  Wealthy Affiliates, in February 2019, I thought it was going to be really easy.  After all, I already thought I knew most of the things to do.  Within three weeks Google had found me.

Wealthy Affiliate Has It’s Own Ranking

When I first noticed my ranking and it finally dawned on me that this ranking was “Wealthy Affiliate (WA) ranking” and NOT Google rank, I started recording my WA Rank on a daily basis.  When I began recording my ranking, it was at 288,000+.

As I moved through the first training module that ranking started to decline.  From my earlier SEO experience, I knew I wanted Google rank to get closer to -0-, so  I figured I was headed down the right road.

The only thing was, it appeared it was going to take more than a few days to start makng money.

      1.  I had to have a website full of content, (20-100 pages)
      2. My site needed to be indexed by Google,
      3. I needed traffic to my site

Moving in the Right Direction

It only took 5 more days for my Wealthy Affiliate rank to drop below 100,000.  I was so motivated to get up and check my stats every day that I couldn’t wait for morning to come so I could see how many people had followed me, and what my rank was.

Another motivation was the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Everyone was so accommodating.  It was wonderful to have words of encouragement and nice, complimentary things being said to me. That was rather unexpected.  No one on those other sites had even cared a ‘cat’s meow’ about me.

The fact is, it had been just the opposite on those guru sites: “You’re a quitter I’ll bet, aren’t you? ”    “Very few people actually succeed in this business.”  “Are you going to quit too?” etc. They didn’t say it in those exact words, but that was the gist of how it felt.   I really figure I know what it is like to be bullied now.

I had learned that Affiliate Marketing was the way to make money on the internet.  I know that to be a fact.

YOU Can Achieve Success Too 

All you have to do is learn the secrets and do what the others  are doing successfully on Wealthy Affiliate, and you can achieve success too .

Learning all there is to learn about Affiliate Marketing takes time and you need to sit back and be ready for the long haul.  It’s not easy but it’ll be worth it.

We used to teach our young children a song called, “Do As I’m Doing, Follow, Follow Me.”  That surely has proven to be a correct principle at Wealthy Affiliate.  If you follow the leaders, they will teach you HOW to build YOUR business.

Interacting with The Community

Whenever you have a question all you  have to do is ask for help and within minutes someone in the Wealthy Affiliate community will often respond to your query.

None of this waiting for hours for the “help” person to respond to your question, as I had experienced from previous ventures.  And on weekends someone is always available from the Wealthy Affiliate community to respond to you almost instantly.

People post their experiences in what we call “WA Blogs”.  They also post tutorials showing simple to complex training on subjects we all will need to understand.

If you have a question all you need to do is put your issue in the “Need Help” section at the top of the blog page.  Many times you will find that several people have already answered your question before you even ask it.

There is even a CHAT room where members can answer questions and get paid a nominal amount from Wealthy Affiliates for doing so.

“I have found that once I post a blog on Wealthy Affiliate, within a few moments sometimes I will receive a comment.  One morning I got up to 22 comments, after  posting at 2 am.”                   …Lmb

This is a worldwide company so people are here round the clock.  And some even stay up till all hours of the morning writing.

If no one else knows the answer, Kyle and Carson can be contacted and will answer your question personnally.  That is amazing for the heads of a company as big as Wealthy Affiliate to personally answer your question.

Mamy  banners like the ones in this article are available for members to use.

Earning Accomplishment Badges and Certificates

When a person joins Wealthy Affiliates they immediately get a badge under their profile bio indicating they are a FREE member.  Badges are earned for various accomplishments.

The badges show the following:
      1. The year you joined
      2. When your account set up contains your profile and your picture,
      3. First website is launched.
      4. Premium badge when you go Premium
      5. Google badge when your first page has been ranked with  Google,
      6. Certification badge shows which level of training you have completed,
      7. Dedication badge showing once you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months and your highest level of achievement every 12 months,
      8. Ambassador Badge, 
      9. Wealthy Affiliate Rank Badge below 200

In addition to a person’s badges, on a member’s profile page you can see all the Blogs they have posted on Wealthy Affiliate, and you can even see their own Websites on the far right lower corner of their profile page (if they have entered them under “Follow Me On”.)

How to Create a Website With WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate uses Word Press to build your websites. The training on Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to set up your first website (and future ones) using Word Press.

While Word Press has it’s own training,  Kyle and Carson have included it in their awesome Training, which gives us the needed information to create a successful SEO based website.

It is recommended that you take Kyle’s training because he keeps it simple enough for us newbies to understand.  In the later training modules much of the more advanced things are also discussed.

In addition to Kyle’s training, when you are ready to learn the harder things, someone in the community will often show you how to do the harder stuff too.

There are many professional web masters who join Wealthy Affiliate and offer their help and support as well.

More Training Every Friday with  Jay

Each Friday, Jay offers training thru a webinar that is generally recorded for future reference.  This has been extremely helpful in solving some of my problems.  Jay delves into creative, in-depth ways to further optimize our websites.  He provides a wealth of information and you won’t want to miss any of his training webinars.

HERE is a Friday training that Wealthy Affiliate offered on Affiliate Marketing.

You have to be a premium member to attend, and Jay’s training is worth it!

For additional info on Affiliate Marketing, request my FREE eBook  when I get it finished.  Click on the envelope at the end of this article and you will be notified when it is completed.

In Review 

Affiliate Marketing has proven to be about the best way to make money for people who want to earn an income from home or abroad.  It will take time, but with the right training and support, anyone can do it.  

Wealthy Affiliates provides a home for many people searching for help with their online journey in Affiliate Marketing.  It provides training in building your business, a great community, web hosting and website building opportunities all for only $49/month or even less if you pay annually, or on Black Friday it is often 1/2 off THE ANNUAL FEE..

You can try it FREE for 7 days to see if you like it before deciding to upgrade.  This is the only upgrade you will be presented with at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Is all water equal?

What is the cost of drinking water?

Is all water equal?  I always thought all water was equal, but then I tasted Kangen water.  It had such a clean, crisp, delicious taste.   After that, I could taste the Chlorine in tap water, and bottled water, yuck how can anyone stand that stuff?

After that, I  realized that all water is not the same.   And people pay money every day for it.  Have you ever figured how much you pay over time for bottled water?

For just one person. Drinking 5 bottles of water a day @ just $.33 each bottle would average out at $1.50/day. $547.50/year times two people = roughly $1100 per year.

Bottled Water

There is a lot said about bottled water being extremely toxic to the body, especially if the bottled water has been left in a hot car.  Evidently, the plastic will give off poisons into the water when heated up.  So why would we want to drink that?

Not only do people buy small 20 oz bottles of water, but some buy 5-gallon bottles of water to dispense in their office, or even in their homes.  The same problem exists in relation to drinking water that has been stored in plastic water jugs.  The BIG question is “Has the large container of water been left in the hot sun where it could be heated?  Of course, wintertime is not a problem in the northern climates, but in the south, it is a consideration always.

20 years ago I bought a Kangen water machine that filters and takes out the impurities and harmful chemicals in the water.   It cost me around $4000. At $1100 (using the numbers mentioned above) per year, I broke even after only 5 years.   It did cost a small amount to have my water machine cleaned and refurbished after about 10 years.  When you consider how much healthier I am from drinking Kangen water as opposed to bottled or tap water, the cost is not a problem.

Drinking Ice Water

I heard once that if you drink ice water it will help you lose weight. The theory is that your body has to burn more calories trying to heat up the water and so it would help you lose weight. I tried that theory out myself and found that I didn’t lose a single pound.

Maybe if you drank several gallons of ice water each day you would burn some calories, but who can do that?

I love my morning protein shake with ice added to keep it cool.  I have nutritional supplements I take with ice water because they just taste better cold. That’s my preference.

What is wrong with drinking bottled water?

Certain chemicals from the plastic are leached into the water when heated in the plastic.  those chemicals are carcinogenic and cause men and women prostate, breast and ovarian cancers.   In addition, they have discovered that the increasing ADHD and hyperactivity of our children is related to drinking bottled water.  See


Bottled water is often left stacked out in front of the store in the heat and burning sun.  How many times has the water you are buying been heated and reheated before you buy it?  There is no way of knowing

Article Summary

  • Bottled water is sold everywhere and is a staple stock item. But should we be concerned and is bottled water safe to drink?
  • The environmental impact of bottled water is high with over 60 million water bottles being thrown away each day in the United States alone. Only a small percentage of these (around one in six) get recycled.
  • Chemicals leaching out of discarded plastic water bottles finds its way into our soil, rivers, and lakes − contaminating our drinking water.
  • There are 3 health-damaging types of chemicals commonly found in plastic water bottles:
    1. Bisphenol A (BPA)
    2. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
    3. Phthalates
  • Filtered tap water is your best bet for safe drinking water. Look for a quality filter system that removes chlorine, fluoride, as well as bacteria.
  • Here are 4 Tips For Reducing Your Exposure to Toxins Released By Plastic:
    1. Exchange your plastic bottles for stainless steel or glass
    2. Invest in a good quality carbon water filter and filter your tap water and store it in glass or ceramic containers
    3. Avoid cooking and heating any food or water in plastic or Styrofoam
    4. If you must eat or drink from plastic be careful not to expose the food to the sun, high heat, microwave, or cut into the plastic while you are consuming the product.
    5. Do not use plastic to heat food in the microwave

After using a Kangen Water Machine I still find this water to taste better than tap water or any bottled water.

What is your experience?


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I Always Considered Myself A Baby Boomer

I’m “almost” a baby boomer

I always considered myself a baby boomer until recently when I saw a definitive time for the baby boomers. So I guess I’m “almost” a baby boomer having been born in 1943 and the boomers didn’t start until 1946-64 (when WWII ended).

My health was typically good with having had all the childhood illnesses, except mumps. The mumps didn’t come until I had four children and we all got them at the same time. Well, I think one of the kiddos brought them home from school and then the rest of us came down with the mumps at the same time.

They didn’t have the mumps shot in those days. We didn’t have Google to keep us up-to-date with all the latest information about disease and immunization. Instead, I had to use common sense and wonder?  So the smallpox vaccination was discontinued when my second child was born around 1967.

It seems that more people were dying from the smallpox vaccine than not. So they discontinued it with the idea that if there is an epidemic that breaks out. they will resume vaccinations for it, but otherwise not.

I used to paint morning glory leaves with DDT. To kill it, and wow, did it kill those little nuisances.  To think I was using it in the garden where our food was contaminated by it makes me shriek with horror.   When they realized DDT was a poison it was not available anymore.  I didn’t think the FDA would allow us to use anything that might be harmful to our food.

The day DDT  was done away with was about the same time as the smallpox vaccine was stopped.   And then there was Fluoride that was questioned because it was causing mottling of some peoples’ teeth.  I was giving it to my two young boys.

By the time my second child was getting his back teeth growing in, I could see mottling of his teeth. That was three things that had been eliminated or discussed in our lives and now were being deemed potentially unsafe.

Questions, and  More Questions

I started questioning a lot of things? wondering just how safe other immunizations, vaccine, and chemicals that we used on the garden were.  Just how safe were they?  Were there more things I needed to be concerned with?

We often missed immunizations when my children were sick when we were supposed to go get their shots.  Then I became acquainted with other moms who had similar feelings as I had.  “Think for yourself” became my motto.

51 years later there are people admitting that some heavy metals often go into the immunizations.  People are even wondering if immunizations are causing ADD and ADHD and autism in our children.

Connecting the Dots Thru Childhood

I was a very rambunctious child and was probably like one of my granddaughters who just can’t sit still.  My mother would always ask if I had to go to the bathroom because I was wiggling so much.   And so by the time I was 12, I had twice fallen out of 2 different trees and had developed a problem of falling asleep at the table, in school class, immediately after lunch, or in church, or just anytime during the day.

As a child, we lived on an 80-acre farm In Idaho, where my dad milked about 30 head of cows.  So in spite of it being the wartime. just after the Great Depression, we had all the food we needed to eat, so I got good nutrition as a child.

The cows provided us the milk and beef. The chickens provided eggs and we even had raised some chickens to eat each year.  The pigs provided bacon, ham,  and roasts, and sheep gave us mutton and lamb steaks. We had all the cheese and butter we wanted, and our garden and other crops growing on that farm provided plenty of food to eat.  We sold eggs and milk for cash to buyour clothes to wear and other essentials. I had no idea that the depression was going on

We didn’t have a television, but we had all kinds of outbuildings to explore and haystacks and straw stacks to build forts in, and trees to climb and chicken coop attics to explore so my childhood was full of activity and I was full of curiosity.

There was an old shop with an accompanying garage and cooled egg house, where we kept the eggs until the truck arrived each week to pick up the eggs.  I learned responsibility by having to gather eggs, brush the eggs, and even wash the eggs if they needed it. There was never a dull moment.

Decision time

After spending 10 years on the farm, my parents were just not getting ahead financially, and so my father had to look for other employment where he could make a sufficient income to put us kids through college. 

My father was faced with similar decisions as we have to make today when we don’t make sufficient for our needs.

I guess $400 a month was hardly sufficient to exist on for a family of five children. Times haven’t changed much since then, except we’ve got quite a few more luxuries we live with now.  And our income is more like $4000 a month now that is needed just to survive.

It was about this time that the symptoms of Narcolepsy began to surface in me.  I couldn’t stay awake, sometimes even when doing things I was excited about.  One Christmas I couldn’t even stay awake to open my packages after a good night’s sleep.

Discovery of Narcolepsy

Everyone considered I was extremely rude to fall asleep.  It wasn’t until I got to college that we found out I had Narcolepsy and Catalepsy.  When I had an EEG, my brain waves just went straight through most of the test (a sign of the brain sleeping.)  Then there would be three abrupt upside down v’s and then straight lines of sleep again. Over and over again this happened. The doctor called the upside down V’s “Catalepsy”.

My doctor put me on Dexidrine for Narcolepsy and medication that Epilepsy patients took for Catelepsy.  But he assured me I did not have Epilepsy.

I was the youngest in my class in school but I still managed to pull B’s and some A’s And so I graduated high school when I was 17 and entered college before I turned 18.

Learning My Limitations

Other than not being able to stay awake in many of my classes I loved college and still pulled A’s and B’s. I remember taking a history class that started at 7 o’clock in the morning and I could never get to class on time because I couldn’t get going in the morning..

My father always said “set your alarm and then put your feet on the floor as soon as the alarm goes off, “ I did it every day, But I was always coming into that class late.  In fact I flunked that class because I was late, even though I had a B average. I learned something about myself that year and that I should never take a 7 AM class.

After I took an EEG brainwave test and discovered that I had narcolepsy, (probably from falling out of the tree and landing on my head from a 10 feet fall ) the nurse said “Wow, you must have been sleeping half your life away”.  That was a true statement – I definitely had been sleeping most of my life away.

The first thing the doctor asked was if I had had a fall sometime in my life.  I told him about falling from the tree and knocking myself out because I fell on my head.  He said “Well, that is probably the reason  you have  Narcolepsy.”

A Nutritional Deficiency?

It never occurred to me that it might be a nutritional deficiency that caused my Narcolepsy. So that doctor prescribed some narcotic medication, Dexedrine, or Ritalin. After taking those meds for about 10 years on and off, my memory was leaving me and I had miscarried three times. I didn’t know which was worse, the cause/problem or the medicine for the problem.

In the meantime, I abandoned the meds for narcolepsy, tried to deal with it naturally, and manage it through nutrition.  As my memory became worse and worse I simply wasn’t going to risk taking it.

We didn’t have a TV,  cell phones, a computer, Google, or Siri to ask for answers to tough questions.  Much water has gone “under the bridge”, so to speak, and I sought ways to inform others about my struggles.

After building two previous websites I began to realize that working online is the way to reach many people.

If you want more info on Narcolepsy and my discoveries, you can learn more about my struggle with it on my “About Me” page on this website.

I have lived through many decades of a changing world.  As “almost a baby boomer,”  I know that lots of boomers are retiring now and need extra income.  They also need answers to questions that you may have answers to.

Today we have opportunities to develop our own home-based business.    Many boomers and others are solving that issue, with online marketing.  Among other things, they learn how to create SEO websites with WordPress plus they learn how to do Affiliate Marketing.

 My desire to help others through my experiences is being realized through Wealthy Affiliates.  If you have a desire to help people you might want to check out the opportunity that I have found in affiliate internet marketing online, and what it is all about.

The differences between internet world wide web today and the world without even color television in the early baby boomer days are so totally different.  The computer and internet world has definitely made the world seem smaller and more connected

    • No retirement monies?
    • Not enough retirement income?
    • Want to spend more time with your family?
    • Wish you could earn money while you sleep?

Learn how to overcome these problems.  FREE trial offer.   

For me, my realization that I can write and be of service to others is being realized every day through Wealthy Affiliate University.  Come and join me and learn internet marketing like you have never learned before,