Oxygen Breaths Life into Our Body!

Without food, you can live for several days. Without water, you still can live a few days.  However, without oxygen, we die in a matter of minutes. Oxygen breathes Life into Our Body!


I wrote a blog here a few months ago voicing my concern if I would ever be able to walk again without a walker.  I broke my ankle 3 years ago and have been basically handicapped ever since.  When your ability to walk on your own and do things you used to do is stripped from you, it takes a bit of conditioning to accept things as they are.

When the word “can’t” is not a word you like to use and yet it is staring you in the face every day, that is a bit depressing.  I don’t get depressed easily but the longer I went without walking on my own, the more “can’t” was what it looked like.

A few weeks ago my good friend from Utah called and told me about what sounded like a crazy medical device that was helping her and many people regain strength and health.  I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous idea.(it was a good thing she couldn’t see me) A pad that you sit against, or wrap around your shoulders or ankle, or whatever hurts does sound a little far fetched, doesn’t it?

Well, a few days later this friend called again and said her friend  was coming to my hometown, USA on Saturday, and would I like to try this strange piece of “who knew what”?

“She’s coming to my town?” I asked.  She said, “Yes, and you’ve just got to try it.”  Well, not wanting to disappoint my good friend, I agreed to meet the device-gal.

Now you have to understand a few of my health problems and my husband’s too.  Hey, I’m not doing this alone, thank you.   ,

  • First off my internal balance is “toast,”
  • I’m Diabetic
  • My legs and feet are numb (Diabetic Neuropathy)
  • My eyes are like they have sandpaper under the lids (dry eyes)
  • I have Brain Fog
  • Oxygen depravity at night (Use oxygen at nite)
  • I have narcolepsy and sleep uncontrollably (half my waking life)
  • I have heart troubles, incl. a pacemaker
  • Memory issues
  • Incontinence
  • Etc. Etc

Well, that is a good start for me.

My husband

  • Has an enlarged heart,
  • Had a heart attack,
  • Has a 3 wire pacemaker,
  • Has Palsy,
  • Blood Pressure issues,
  • Diarrhea referred to as IBS
  • Diabetes (beginning stages)
  • Prostate Issues

The Downward Spiral

Our son the D.O. & doctor of the family  Says we are on the “downward spiral of our lives”.


So, back to the issue of the friend bringing this device we were going to experience for ourselves.  What an experience it was for me!  My numb legs and feet were buzzing as the nerves were being stimulated.  After a couple of days use of this incredible device, both my husband, RL, and I were sleeping like babies. (And I don’t mean waking up every hour!)

RL had such an increase of energy that first day that he went to the garage and worked on a car repair project well into the night, without even stopping for dinner. changing a tire I had to remind him to come in to eat.  Our daughter went home and was up half the night working on a Master’s Degree Class she is taking.  She loved the energy she got too.

Within a couple of days, I realized RL was not shaking AT ALL!  This was literally unexpected.  He did as many will do when something appears to be fixed. He stopped using it.  Guess what happened?  Yep, you’re right, his palsy came back after about 1 month.

Personally, I did not get energy.  I have never had energy except when I was just a child.  Once I fell out of a tree at about 11 years old, I have had narcolepsy and my body doesn’t respond like normal people do.  Never-the-less, I saw results within 2 weeks of using this oxidating device, that I was able to gain stability enough to try and walk without my walker.  Now that was HUGE!

If you are still reading this, you are probably wondering just what this thing is I’m talking about.

Oxygenation Occurs

Long story short, this device is a Class 2 Medical Device that increases Blood Flow throughout the body capillaries through magnetic electrical impulses   This action takes blood to the capillaries and to the cellular level which feeds the extremities and all the organs, causing better circulation and functionality throughout all the body.

For sure, I have to use oxygen at night.  Plus, I doOxygen tanks not get enough exercise and IF the air is smokey from forest fires or a bonfire, my oxygen starves out.  But with this amazing 22-year-old invention, science has figured out a way to oxygenate the body more thoroughly through increasing the blood flow.

You do have to realize that this device doesn’t heal anything.  The body is the healer.  when the blood flow is increased and oxygen is able to reach your very extremities, then healing can occur.

One young man was a competitive swimmer but had gone to college and had gotten out of condition.  When he returned home he went swimming and was having to come up for air withSWIMMER                                                         almost every stroke.  He went home and used his mother’s Medical Device a few times and the next time he went swimming he was able to swim over half the length of the pool underwater!.


A 36″ belt-like pad, with 3 electrical coils inside, plugs into a computer base that controls the intensity and the amount of time you desire per session.  Using this apparatus once or preferably twice a day, the body is able to receive the nutrition and oxygen it needs more completely and thus the body is able to heal itself.

They have used this device in hospitals and doctors’ offices all over Europe for over 21 years.  And now it has been declared a Medical Class Two device in the United States.

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