Is all water equal?

What is the cost of drinking water?

Is all water equal?  I always thought all water was equal, but then I tasted Kangen water.  It had such a clean, crisp, delicious taste.   After that, I could taste the Chlorine in tap water, and bottled water, yuck how can anyone stand that stuff?

After that, I  realized that all water is not the same.   And people pay money every day for it.  Have you ever figured how much you pay over time for bottled water?

For just one person. Drinking 5 bottles of water a day @ just $.33 each bottle would average out at $1.50/day. $547.50/year times two people = roughly $1100 per year.

Bottled Water

There is a lot said about bottled water being extremely toxic to the body, especially if the bottled water has been left in a hot car.  Evidently, the plastic will give off poisons into the water when heated up.  So why would we want to drink that?

Not only do people buy small 20 oz bottles of water, but some buy 5-gallon bottles of water to dispense in their office, or even in their homes.  The same problem exists in relation to drinking water that has been stored in plastic water jugs.  The BIG question is “Has the large container of water been left in the hot sun where it could be heated?  Of course, wintertime is not a problem in the northern climates, but in the south, it is a consideration always.

20 years ago I bought a Kangen water machine that filters and takes out the impurities and harmful chemicals in the water.   It cost me around $4000. At $1100 (using the numbers mentioned above) per year, I broke even after only 5 years.   It did cost a small amount to have my water machine cleaned and refurbished after about 10 years.  When you consider how much healthier I am from drinking Kangen water as opposed to bottled or tap water, the cost is not a problem.

Drinking Ice Water

I heard once that if you drink ice water it will help you lose weight. The theory is that your body has to burn more calories trying to heat up the water and so it would help you lose weight. I tried that theory out myself and found that I didn’t lose a single pound.

Maybe if you drank several gallons of ice water each day you would burn some calories, but who can do that?

I love my morning protein shake with ice added to keep it cool.  I have nutritional supplements I take with ice water because they just taste better cold. That’s my preference.

What is wrong with drinking bottled water?

Certain chemicals from the plastic are leached into the water when heated in the plastic.  those chemicals are carcinogenic and cause men and women prostate, breast and ovarian cancers.   In addition, they have discovered that the increasing ADHD and hyperactivity of our children is related to drinking bottled water.  See

Bottled water is often left stacked out in front of the store in the heat and burning sun.  How many times has the water you are buying been heated and reheated before you buy it?  There is no way of knowing

Article Summary

  • Bottled water is sold everywhere and is a staple stock item. But should we be concerned and is bottled water safe to drink?
  • The environmental impact of bottled water is high with over 60 million water bottles being thrown away each day in the United States alone. Only a small percentage of these (around one in six) get recycled.
  • Chemicals leaching out of discarded plastic water bottles finds its way into our soil, rivers, and lakes − contaminating our drinking water.
  • There are 3 health-damaging types of chemicals commonly found in plastic water bottles:
    1. Bisphenol A (BPA)
    2. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
    3. Phthalates
  • Filtered tap water is your best bet for safe drinking water. Look for a quality filter system that removes chlorine, fluoride, as well as bacteria.
  • Here are 4 Tips For Reducing Your Exposure to Toxins Released By Plastic:
    1. Exchange your plastic bottles for stainless steel or glass
    2. Invest in a good quality carbon water filter and filter your tap water and store it in glass or ceramic containers
    3. Avoid cooking and heating any food or water in plastic or Styrofoam
    4. If you must eat or drink from plastic be careful not to expose the food to the sun, high heat, microwave, or cut into the plastic while you are consuming the product.
    5. Do not use plastic to heat food in the microwave

After using a Kangen Water Machine I still find this water to taste better than tap water or any bottled water.

What is your experience?


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