Falling, Saved From Broken Hip Recovery

Falling Out Of Bed

I have no desire to travel of lately because many times when I travel, I find myself falling out of the bed, (3 times to date) I have never fallen out of the bed at home mind you. Only when I’m on the road.  This time I was saved from a broken hip recovery. 

Five years ago, I fell off of a 36-inch high bed. I was at my sister’s home in a strange bed, sleeping on the opposite side than I usually sleep on, and I simply rolled over and was falling.

I woke myself saying “Oh no, I’m falling.” It was a long way down and instinctively I flipped over, like a cat in midair, so instead of landing on my back, I was heading for a “face plant.”

As I said, it was the longest fall I have ever had. It seemed to last forever, almost like I was “being held up in the air.” My right arm swiped the nightstand clearing off all items but the lamp. Then my hand fell down to the stool that I used to launch myself onto the bed. where I hung up on my pinky finger. How I hung there was an interesting phenomenon.

It seems that when I flipped in midair my left ankle became entangled in the sheet, which fortunately was tucked in at the bottom of the bed. This, unfortunately, left me dangling in midair, all 255 lbs of me, hanging by my pinky and my left leg.

My right leg hit the floor and I managed to free my right pinky finger from the stool. Then my right hand collided with the floor, but my hips were protected from hitting the floor with a bang, thanks to the entangled left ankle.

I realized that I had been saved from a potential hip fracture. I had had  a bone density test earlier and had been informed that I had a high risk of hip fractrue.

Oh, What a Fall!

I managed to get sat up on my right leg, which as I was hanging their midair, from my pinky finger on one side to my left ankle on the other,  I had to sweep my right leg under the bed in order to free it and be able to sit up.

I was pretty sure nothing was broken because I hadn’t crashed to the floor due to the miraculous way I landed or didn’t land. However I actually broke my little finger, but had no idea at the time.

At least that is how I felt.  My husband wanted to just lift me back up  He went and found a folding chair.so he could help me get my “tush” upon it and then lift my shoulders.  But I knew it would be impossible for him to do it alone, and I didn’t want him getting a hernia or having a heart attack trying to help me.

Paramedics Services

My weight was against me once I fell.  And this fall had taken its’ toll on me.   I knew I was too weak to try to get up.  I told my husband to call 911 for an assist from the paramedics.

That could be embarrassing if it’s your first assist, which it was for me and my husband.  He tried to insist on helping me, but I couldn’t do it.  We hadn’t even taken into account the shock my body might be in.

Been There, Done That Before

Paramedics assist patient

But my sister had already had to call for paramedic services twice before this for an assist when she had fallen. So they were familiar with her home address, and the fire department arrived within 5 minutes.

They were very professional and made sure I was fine before attempting to lift me up.  They did two things:

      1. First and foremost, they got me a blanket to keep me warm.  Well, my sister got it for them.
      2. To prevent me from going into shock, they suggested my Sis get me a peanut butter sandwich – some protein to help sustain me and stabilize my blood sugar. 

Finally, after 10 or so minutes, two firemen got on either sideFiremen assist of me to lift under the armpit and one fireman got in front of me pulling on my hands. “Ready to do this?”  they asked.  And they effortlessly lifted me up.  1,2,3…UP!  They helped me to the chair my husband had found and helped me sit down.

A Word To Seniors

When traveling keep your sleeping as close to your home habits as possible.

  1.  Sleep on the same side as you are used to
  2.  Place a high backed chair beside the bed to remind you where the edge of the bed is
  3.  Leave a night light on so you can seesaved-rom-a-broken-hip
  4. If you fall, check for broken bones
  5. Treat for shock
  6.  Cover with a blanket to keep patient warm
  7. Call 911 if necessary

Seniors, don’t ever be too proud to call the paramedics to come to assist you when you fall or need help. They will save you from breaking someone else’s back as they are trained in what they do.

And if they don’t transport you, at least in Idaho, they do not bill you.  As long as they don’t transport you, there is no fee charged for an assist.  Check your city or state’s policies.

Thanks for your comments.

DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any medical advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.


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3 Replies to “Falling, Saved From Broken Hip Recovery”

  1. Linda . . . You have such a marvelous way of expressing yourself. I found your account of your ordeal very interesting, and I admire you for your very positive attitude about it all. ET

    1. Thank you for your positive comments. You never know how you’ll react in any given circumstance, and I’m just glad I was able to end up on the positive side of this one.

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