What has Happened to TRUTH? The COVID-19 Deceit


What has Happened to TRUTH?

The COVID-19  Deceit,

Upon reading an article by Daniel Horowitz in The Blaze, I felt I have to make record of how far off the tracks our society has gotten in this article, What has happened to Truth? if for nothing else than for my posterity.

When we first heard of coronavirus, later named COVID-19, there was so much “lack of” and mis- information from China that no one really knew what was going to happen.  We were not getting truth from China for sure.

Our borders were closed to everyone except to citizens returning to the homeland.

  • Cruize ships were one of the first places for outbreaks.
  • A pandemic was declared
  • Churches were closed,
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints brought home over 30,000 missionaries from around the world due to the pandemic,
  • People were ordered to self-quarantine, only going out for essentials,
  • Virus prediction rates were through the roof,
  • Death predictions were astronomical,
  • Hospital ships were outfitted for use offshore New York City and Los Angeles,
  • Both ships remained empty and later disembarked,
  • Temporary Field Hospital costing nearly$7 Million was set up in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Field Hospital later dismantled. $7 M spent unnecessarily

A few facts were clear,

  1. This outbreak was not even close to what was predicted,
  2. COVID-19 is extremely hard on Elderly w/pre-existing condition and often causes death to them
  3. Numbers of cases were less than projected,
  4. Deaths were considerably less than predicted,
  5. Questions ran through people’s minds as to what was going on.

Were we being driven to panic? Was this Pandemic being used as a method of control?

It seems that through modern science they have proven through scientific data that the WHO, the CDC, and Dr. Fauci among others, were wrong in their predictions.

And now we hear from Horowitzim The Blaze

Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Now the CDC has changed their mind due to scientific evidence and stats, but the media is silent.

Will there ever be any accountability for the grave consequences of their errors?

It seems that people are more likely to die in an automobile accident or lightening strike, than with COVID-19.

This is alarming when we realize that almost the entire world shut down having been influenced by the WHO, and CDC, and Dr. Faucci’s bold predictions that people would die in tremendous numbers.  That simply did not happen.  1 Million deaths were anticipated in America alone, but we have barely passed 100,000 in America. (May 2020) How does that stack up?

That is only 1 (ONE) death for every 166,666 cases!

When I  heard the predictions of the two Stanford University scientist’s research study in late April 2020, I somehow knew what they said was true.  They were saying the infectious fatality rate would be at 0.1 to 0.2%.

I guess I believed the Stanford Researchers because The WHO,  the CDC, and Dr. Faucci countered it, NOT wanting us to listen to these scientists.  I had already fallen “out of love” with the afore-mentioned due to a number of other things they were saying, not the least of which was that the inexpensive drug, Hydroxychloroquine, was not tested in the United States (yet it has been used for 70 years for other things) and they say it could not be used for COVID-19 cases in the USA because it hasn’t been tested in the US and we don’t know what its side effects will be.  After 70 years of use and they don’t know what the side effects will be? That simply makes NO SENSE!!!!

We all have been blessed with

Great thinking minds


some of us actually use

Common Sense

 and are not what I call, “Sheeple”

People who act like sheep.

You know, don’t you? that sheep will follow the leader, no matter where it goes even if it’s over a cliff?

Well perhaps not off a cliff, perhaps they have more sense than that.  But my Dad used to tend sheep as a boy and he told me if one sheep gets out the rest will follow.

Well, you can figure that Sheeple (people) will follow what the leader says, even if it isn’t making any sense.

In the spring of 2020, is when I first heard     Scott Atlas, from Stanford University when he was interviewed on the Blaze TV.     He did 2 studies of antibodies and the COVID-19 virus, in two California communities.  He sounded like there were some inaccuracies being looked at and reported by WHO and others.  I heard him on The Blaze, and he says the rate of death for all people age 18-45 is 0.01%. That is Waaay less than the 4% fatality rate that was predicted of those getting sick with the virus.  This was back in early spring of 2020

Already the inexpensive, $14.00-$20.00 drug treatment, Hydroxychloroquine’s success with the virus in France, had finally reached the USA airwaves.

At last there was a Ray of Hope Reaching our Ears.

But money being like it is, accompanied by greed, (I believe,) prompts men to want to find their own cure and a very expensive drug, landing a plenty $$ in their pockets. (Again, this is my opinion, based on personal experience. Did you know that you can purchase a vial of insulin over the counter in Walmart for $30 or so but through an insurance company it was over $789 for a patented brand?True experience.)

Consequently, Hydroxychloroquine was frowned upon by   WHO & kept from  USA  Doctors prescribing it for COVID-19. Doctors can face criminal charges if they fall under certain criteria.  Many doctors are using it now and claim it’s effectiveness when used with zinc and azithromycin.

However, one Doctor, living in Monroe, New York  has had some very amazing results with about 699 Covid-19 patients.  By using Hydroxicloriquin, those patients recovered in days with  0 deaths from COVID-19.  He has been reporting his experience to Pres. Trump routinely.  As a result, Pres. Trump is now completing taking a two week perscription of Hydroxicloriquin himself. (end of May)

Over the past couple of months, (April and May 2020) the curve has decidedly flattened, and now statisticss are emerging that support the suppositions of Dr. Atlas and other scientists from Stanford University concerning herd immunity due to antibodies people already have against COVID-19.

This is really good news.

The thought was that a  large number of Americans were already immune to COVID-19 because of antibodies in their blood, due to having already had the virus.  They began testing for Antibodies and found near 50% of those tested had antibodies.

According to these scientists  we need not stay in lockdown but should be out and about, utilizing herd immunity for the rest of us.  They say that staying inside actually weakens the immune system, and makes us more susceptible, and so staying in quarantine is the worst thing we can do. See Horowitz article

We should be out in the sun and continue our lives as we were doing before.  Of course, people who are more susceptible and older people with other pre-existing conditions need to use caution and protect themselves at all times!  COVID-19 is not kind to folks with pre-existing conditions. See CDC guidelines. 

Now, for the first time ever, the CDC is attempting to inform us that the the death rate is significantly lower than originally predicted.   Their overall infection fatality rate or death rate (IFR) drops to 0.26%.  Those who are symptomatic are officially estimated at a 0.4% fatality rate.  See Horowitz article in the Blaze

Two facts arise

  1. Information about the virus is not getting out to the public.

  2. You are more likely to wind up planted in the ground six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun, other than COVID-19.

Where is the media on all of this?  Where, oh where, has truth disappeared to?

President Trump is STILL holding nightly news briefings informing the US citizens what is being done to fight this vicious plague.  He was getting such high polling results that after about 2 weeks, someone out there, decided we didn’t need to hear what is actually happening.  Since then it was as if the President was no longer holding his daily briefings.  We have been unable to see them on local TV channels any more.

In fact, you can’t see them unless you are SEARCHING  for them.  You should just try and find those briefings.  Oh YES, they are there, but Google will send you everywhere but to them.

I finally  found them at

    • CDC.gov 
    • WhiteHouse.gov  
    • CoronavirusNOW.com
    • Look up Conservative News on CDC and Whitehouse

and then Subscribe to their daily news, you will have a hard time locating TRUE information on what President Trump is doing in the fight against COVID-19 otherwise.

In fact, the news will tell you that President Trump is wrong in what he has done.  They twist what he has to say such that if you haven’t heard it from the task force members’ mouths, themselves, saying what IS happening, you would probably believe the President did the opposite of what he actually did.  These are SOME of the lies I speak of in this article.,

Unless you listen to the daily briefings on a daily basis, you will not hear the TRUTH  about what is ACTUALLY  happening.

It is as though the Left would do anything to make sure  Donald Trump is not re-elected and would rather destroy our country and our economy through lies than admit what the President is actually accomplishing through his Covid-19 Task Force.  It is when those ladies and gentlemen who are in charge of specific tasks, namely:

    • masks,
    • ventilators,
    • immigration,
    • senior citizens,
    • churches,
    • scientists,
    • military, bringing our industries back home, etc)
  • stand up and tell what they are doing, and thank our President for his quick action and clear thinking, that I realize what a marvelous leader we have at the helm in America.  Had I not actually witnessed these myself, I possibly would have been persuaded to believe the media and their lies.

I cannot understand their thinking, or not thinking.  It’s the Sheeple thing again. But again, I remind you that I have to watch the briefings and conservative news to find the truth.

I had to hunt and hunt to finally find the President’s Briefings, and then if I want to hear them in their entirety, I have to watch them daily or they will be reduced to what the media WANTS us to hear. At that point, a negative slant will often be placed on what is aired.  This is sad for this great nation to be succumbing to Falsehoods and Untruths. Who was it that said something like this” Once you learn about the untruths being told if you do nothing you are contributing to the lie.

UPDATE: As of June 17 an article was released by FOX News about 600 Doctors Wanting Lockdown Lifted and sending a letter to President Trump calling it a ‘mass casualty incident’.  See it HERE.

As I said before, this article is mainly for my children, grandchildren, and posterity.  A little history in the making, that may be forgotten unless we write it.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a health professional. Contact your doctor if you have symptoms or health problems.

I publish facts gleaned from other websites.  Don’t believe what I say.  Do your own homework and find out the truth for yourself.  Go to the source for your answers.




The Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


Welcome To NewYou Health and Wealth Solutions.

You may have found my website, in the same way, I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You were searching for ways to supplement your income online.

Especially now, we are looking for additional income with the circumstances we face with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Right?  Online Income from home would be an ideal thing to have, wouldn’t it?  What are we to do?


Everybody knows that if you are going to make money online, you first need a website to work from.  A HOME as it were.

My first attempt at building a website was back in the ’90s.  I knew absolutely nothing and was basically experimenting with the whole internet concept.

All those new terms.

    • Autoresponder,
    • Funnels,
    • Emails,
    • Keywords,  etc.

Well, I had no clue what they all meant, except for my own analysis and brain to imagine what their meanings were.

I joined an autoresponder just to learn about it and find out how it worked.  It must respond automatically to emails. Right?

Well, that’s close.  It was all about the list, which I am just learning how important that is today in 2020.

The Internet Journey

Long story short, in those early days, I learned as I tried to develop a viable website.  However, knowing nothing of Google and algorithms nor SEO, I was shooting in the dark.

I just didn’t have enough internet savvy and my website failed to make any income.  In fact I didn’t even get any visitors. The only activity I had on my website was me.  I was a Newbie at internet marketing and so I failed miserably.

In 2006-2007 I acted as General Contractor in building our new home and was able to successfully build that home with a 1/3 value equity built-in to the value of the home.

I also built a WEBSITE about “building your own home to OWN IT in 3 builds”.  That website was successful enough to support itself with AdWords for a few years, but eventually the algorithms changed and I couldn’t justify the payment each month of only $33.00 A MONTH!

Of course, the housing bubble burst in 2008 and so we lost that equity but we didn’t lose our home.  However, we did not build another house.

By the teens in the 2000’s  I began hearing about people making pretty good money in Affiliate Marketing  .  I watched videos on YouTube and started following some of the gurus who were “making millions” with E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing.

First, I dabbled in Shopify and Alibabi and researched buying cheap products in China and selling them for an inflated price.  I was all ready to launch my 1st products when I saw a video about how LOOonngg it took to get the products delivered from China.

Then there was the problem of the returns, and I admit, I got discouraged.  Well, who wants to deal with those problems when Amazon is right here in my own country and delivers overnight?

I thought about Click Bank digital materials, but after buying a few of those, I realized that most of those are phony balonie as I had to ask for refunds on the programs I bought because they weren’t what they said they were all cracked up to be.

Later I started suckering into some of the “big gurus” products.  They seemed to have it all in a “done for you” program. There were 4 or 5 of those, but when it came to having to pay thousands of dollars for their done-for-you program, and if you put it on time-payments, there was no guarantee.  Unfortunately, I realized that fact too late and had to “eat” that mistake.  Thar was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

It became obvious that those done-for-you programs were only “half baked,” and to get the remainder of the ingredients, I had to plunk out money that I didn’t have because they had just drained it from my pocketbook with upsells.

I was so disgruntled and discouraged that when I stumbled onto a Wealthy Affiliate ad, I literally didn’t believe it was true. I think I signed up back then, but I did nothing about it at the time. That was back in 2016 or ‘17.

It’s not that I hadn’t tried.

I had spent 100’s of hours online, and I had purchased $1000’s of dollars of programs that just hadn’t worked, FOR ME!

Those Marketing Gurus all had a great sales pitch, telling me that it was easy to make money if I did EXACTLY what they did. But without money, I couldn’t stay with them.

After wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars chasing those wealthy gurus, I realized I was just fattening their wallets.

I continued seeing testimonial after testimonial about WA and I began to wonder if there was some truth to what people claimed about this platform.

Could you actually make money online with WA?

I realized one home truth:

There are two categories of online Marketers:

    1. Those who make the money online, and
    2. Those who do not.

I fell into the latter group.

Well, I decided I was going to accept the challenge that was constantly appearing before me, and see if WA was for me. 

I have never found another platform that offers

FREE membership,

FREE website,

FREE domain

FREE hosting,

FREE use of a keyword search tool

FREE privacy page,

All for FREE


This appeared to be q complete training on how to build a PROFITABLE website.

You could try the system out Free and see if you liked it.  You could even keep the free version if you wanted.  You would just be limited to less help. Here is a comparison chart.

IF I wanted to upgrade within the first 7 days I just had to pay $ 19 the first month and then $49/month after that to receive a trundle bundle of perks.

      • No more upsells.
      • No puzzle pieces missing.

That was Feb 1st, 2019.  I went Premium within the first seven days. In February 2019, I signed up for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate, as a ‘Starter member’, and created my first SEO website that WOULD BE hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.  Those ten free lesson modules have been instrumental to my success.

Before my ‘Starter Membership’ expired in seven days, I knew I was going to become a premium member. And I haven’t looked back.  In fact, I bought the Black Friday Annual Special last November (2019) for a great reduction in price and I highly recommend that.

As I started my first website at Wealthy Affiliate, I sure wished I had those 154 pages from my old homebuilding website that I abandoned years ago. Half the work is in writing the content and I had plenty of content in that old site back then.  I had pictures too, but my computer died and my website with it

One more thing.

Wealthy Affiliate has a  Global Community that responds to your day to day questions, plus weekly training by Jay that adds additional training on pertinent issues we face while building an SEO website.

I discovered that everything WA’ers were saying was true.

In this training there were step-by-step lesson modules using video in addition to text instructions, showing you how to create YOUR first website.

Once I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, I have tried to share this information with online entrepreneurs, who are searching for a successful way to create an SEO website that earns money.

Sharing Wealthy Affiliate alone, has the potential to help you be financially successful and eventually earn you a substantial online income.

Added to other streams of income, you too can join the thousands of Wealthy Affiliate earners with online Affiliate Marketing.

If you have any questions about Affiliate Marketing, or creating affiliate websites, please leave a comment and send me an email message:


When you join Wealthy Affiliate from my links on this page, I pledge my support to help you find answers to any questions and problems you might come up against.

Best wishes in finding the answer to your online marketing questions.




Email Linda@newyouhealthandwealthsolutions.com  


Welcome To NewYou

NEWYOU health&Wealth


As the name of this article states: Welcome To the NewYou. I developed this website to help you find answers to your health and wealth problems.


I have always been searching for answers and for products that would increase my health through natural nutrition.  I am a person who believes in taking charge of my own health, rather than giving that responsibility to my doctor.  unless I am really sick, I use the doc for a consult and I decide what to take into my body.

I imagine that people think I am a bit paranoid, which I guess I probably am to some extent, but as a diabetic, I have to be concerned about my health.

I generally only have one drug that I take and that is insulin.  Most diabetics have an entire page of meds that they take every single day from

      • blood pressure pills
      • water pills,
      • heart pills,
      • kidney function,
      • cholesterol,
      • anxiety,
      • antidepression.

That can’t be good for your stomach, can it?

I manage my blood pressure with a food-grade supplement called Lifestream.  If I get to retaining too much water, I do take Furosemide but that is so seldom, I hardly ever use it.  Maybe five or six pills in an entire year’s time.


 Doctors put you on medicine for what ails you, and when that causes a side effect, another drug is added to take care of the side effects of the first drug, which causes side effects to which another drug is added to that.  And the wheel goes round and round.  And so the story goes, “To handle those side effects.”

Eventually, you end up with so many pills to take every day, it seems like that’s all you do.  You can’t think straight.  No wonder people lose their minds in old age.

I have always questioned how our stomachs can deal with all those foreign substances or chemicals.  It’s like we take a hand full of pills and down them with a glass of water and say “OK Stomach, do your best with that mouthful!”

A friend of mine had her nutrition capsules catch in her esophagus and it took an hour in  surgery to remove the blockage down in her esophagus.  In fact, because of this friend’s experience, at one point she started opening the dry capsules and mixing them in water or juice.

I decided to try opening my capsules myself, and I still do it today. I found that I have a lot better absorption of the capsules’ contents by opening them.

Oh yes, they do taste Nasty, but I don’t have to worry about whether they are opening and emptying completely in my stomach.  If I open it and it dissolved, then I know the contents make it to my stomach as long as I drink the brew.

Besides, if you put them in your shake or juice, or even extra water, they become much more palatable.  They even make my chocolate shake taste more chocolatie.

Many times the capsules people take never even open and it is common knowledge that people often see unopened capsules floating in huge piles on the top of sewage waste disposal ponds.  What a waste of money that is for myriads of people.


My throat started giving me problems with swallowing my food and I began choking on my food.  My husband had to do the Heimlich maneuver on me to dislodge some food that I had inhaled into m,y windpipe.  Thankfully, my problem was fixable.  I have had my throat stretched once.  I still don’t try to swallow pills or capsules, as a result. Once was enough for me to not want to experience the inability to breathe ever again.


It seems as if the world is trying to tear our health down.  With preservatives, GMOs, “I don’t knows” and “I don’t cares”.

In the race to make bigger and better yield and the first to find the cure for a disease (See Covid-19 Here) so they can charge the most for the cure, science has changed our seeds for grains and other foods by genetically modifying them and it has resulted in our nutritional needs not being met.

In addition, instead of using good old manure to fertilize their crops, farmers have turned to chemical fertilizers which only contain a few of the trace elements that are found in nature.  Scientists took food plant material and burned it and then made fertilizer from the chemicals that WERE LEFT.  Hardly the 84 trace elements found in nature! See “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”  on YouTube.

Consequently, we find our food has degenerated from what whole food used to be.  It is even being said that people today (2020) will have one of three ailments by the age of 60

    1. Alzheimer’s
    2. Dementia or
    3. Parkinson’s Disease

 unless we take precautions and supplement with a good nutritional supplement on a daily basis.


Have you ever noticed how beautiful women and men are in their early 20’s and then as they age, they get bags under their eyes, and wrinkles and craggy skin.   As one ages, their health will often go downhill.

From personal experience, I went through the following diseases

    • constipation,
    •  narcolepsy
    • hypoglycemia
    • type 2 Diabetes
    • overweight,
    • blood pressure,
    • peripheral neuropathy
    • retinopathy
    • eyes hemorrhaging,
    • gallbladder
    • heart dysfunction


Science has now advanced to the point that they are able to produce antiaging products that will activate our own stem cells within the body to help reverse the aging effect and help us return towards the perfect age of 20, or so they say, so that we can return to that perfect age where we looked and felt real good.

I have come across a product that may reverse age our bodies and skin.  It is touted for naturally helping release stem cells inside our bodies which have memory of our original stem cells within it.   Learn more here

NOTE: One has to remember that it took a long time to get where we are at in our degeration of the body, so when starting a new regiman to help heal the body, it may take a long time to regenerate it.  In other words, don’t expect your body to reverse age in a heartbeat.  It may take years to accomplish what years of abuse have devestated it to.

I found that to be true with one Nutritional product I took.  I found that I was so broken that it took 3 years for me to begin to see the overall effect.  I had been able to sleep better, so I knew it was working, so it was worth taking it, and I knew the vitamins and minerals were necessary, so I continued.  Eventually, I am seeing many more results.

Always Looking For Health Solutions

I am always searching for products that will lighten my load and give me a better quality of life at the same time.  I do not claim to be an expert nutritional counselor, I’m simply a bearer of the message from the experts.  I love to share those companies and products I find with others.  I know I am not the only one who suffers physical ailments and so if I can be of any help to others in creating better health for YOU, that is my goal and my mission.

I would be ever so greatful if you would like and share this article with others.

To our success





Engage-Global Review of Products and Marketing Strategy

Better Together

This Engage-Global Review of Products and Marketing Strategy will show how you can optimize your health and wealth. I will review the history of their unique products and marketing strategy.


Over $7000 is spent to externally protect each U.S. soldier. After 911 the Department of Defense realized external body armor is not enough.

Soldiers also need protection against unseen enemies like:

  • toxins,
  • concussive blast injuries,
  • traumatic injuries,
  • ionizing radiation,
  •  oxidative stress,
  • inflammation

Dr. Kadar Prasad, the United State’s first radiation biologist and the Father of micronutrients, was asked to form a research team to develop such a product.   A cooperative Research and Development Agreement was made between the United States Department of Defense, U.S. Marine Systems Command, NASA, and a leading military contractor.

Over $24 million was spent creating and validating Dr. Prasad’s formulation of micronutrients through 14 clinical trials and human studies.  This resulted in seven patents that created the branding of the formulation for military use and was called MMF.  For Civilian use, it is called Micro Daily.

A few years later, David Namalka, a venture capitalist from Wallstreet looked into MMF.  He originally intended to invest in the MMF company.  After many people gave testimony of the benefits of taking the product, he decided to buy the rights to this formula to help people share the benefits of optimizing their health and wealth. He secured the rights to the product and began his new company known as Engage-Global. (EG)

Optimize Your Health With Engage-Global Unique Products


Micro Daily, is proven to protect the body against oxidative damage and inflammation better than any existing product.  It is a precise combination of ingredients that helps your body achieve optimal health and cellular function.

“When your body burns energy, it creates cell-damaging molecules known as “free-radicals” that cause inflammation.  Micro Daily helps you take the offensive by delivering a broad range of micronutrients and important antioxidants designed to neutralize free radicals and strengthen your ability to combat them over time.”

“ Ensuring that your nutrition is properly supplemented with the right combination of ingredients will help your body achieve optimal cellular function. This is the only way to fight the effects of aging, a less than perfect diet, and the environmental stress that you encounter every day.”

                                           -Engage Global.com


 Watch Video about EG and testimonials.:  

“When I heard Dr Prasad say that by taking Micro Daily with your breakfast, it can bond with fat and produce more energy, I was excited to try it that way.  Normally I have little to no energy, but this has given me decidedly more ENERGY for the first time since I can’t remember! Then at night, I find if I take either a Micro Daily Hydro or Micro Daily capsule around dinner time, I get much better sleep at night”  Lm


Micro Daily Plus (MD+) is Micro Daily with CBD added to it.  The two together enhance each other, so that the benefits are much greater than taken separately.  Dr. Prasad researched CBD thoroughly before adding it to his formulation.

The benefits range from PTSD to General Pain.  Dr. Kort gives a good explanation of some of the benefits in this video at 24:48 min in. Look for the bald guy.  Check it out HERE.

UPDATE Dr. Prasad just created a new Micro Daily product.


PROTEIN DAILY is a patent-supported combination of proteins, amino acids, fiber, and other important micronutrients that fill important gaps in today’s nutrition while helping boost your metabolism, satisfy your hunger and improve your digestion.

Engage-Global says that decades of research helped in developing this unique “formula that combines two forms of protein, two forms of fiber,  amino acids, and citrulline into an effective and powerful energy source that will help your body perform optimally.”


“…with nutrient-deficient diets today… supplementation has become necessary for us to achieve optimal muscle strength, replenishment, and repair to our bodies taxed by everyday activities and the environments we live in.”



“I had an open wound that wouldn’t heal.  The doctor ordered me to take 30 gr protein.  I started taking 30 grams of Protein Daily (PD) and my wound healed up in a matter of days, whereas it had taken 5 months to get to that point.  I had a hole the size of a Nickle that had not covered completely over with skin.

The Dr. frankly didn’t expect it to heal and was mentioning the “Amputation” word.  But with Protein Daily it rapidly covered and repaired from the inside out.  In addition, I lost 35 lb. during that same time. 

I took the Protein Daily in combination with the Micro Daily each day.   I still take PD every day,  2 years later.”  Lindab

See my Laughter is the best medicine HERE  It tells a little about that wound that wouldn’t heal.  Here’s another article I have published about a Wound Vac that was also used in that healing before using Protein Daily.



“Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It controls everything you do….”

“Your brain uses more oxygen than any other organ in your body to generate energy…”

“Brain Boost Daily, in combination with Micro Daily, provides your brain with the optimal protection and nourishment…”

“Brain Boost Daily feeds the body at the cellular level to fuel your brain, helping you:

  • Master mental focus and concentration
  • Improve memory function
  • Sharpen your senses
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Fight mental fatigue and the effects of aging”

– Dr. Kedar N. Prasad Ph.D. Chief Science Officer and Product Formulator

“Brain Boost Daily, in combination with the Micro Daily, has given my body what it needs to be able to remember things and it gives me the ability to concentrate.  All I had to do was run out of Brain Boost Daily to realize if it was helping my memory or not.  I started repeating things over and over, and forgetting other important things that I should have remembered.   I quickly reordered and couldn’t get the product fast enough   Thank the Lord, it arrived quickly!  All is well now! ”  RickL

Optimize Your Wealth With Engage-Global’s Unique Marketing System

Marketing is done through direct sales, with payment on commissions earned through retail, or wholesale means.

EG is implementing several innovative ideas into their marketing structure.  Their idea is to make marketing simple and easy to understand.   Some of their incentives include:

  1. All Of It Bonus   EG puts a high emphasis on Health Advocates (Consultants) getting Clients.  To encourage this, David Namalka began the All Of It program, in which the Health Advocate (HA) receives the same amount of money as the new Client spends their first month.  The client spends $100, HA earns $100.  . EG prides itself in being the first company in the industry to pay  All Of It  for an HA’s new customer’s initial order.  It means if you want to make $500, then share the product with 5 new customers who buy $100 ea.
  2.  SAMPLES PROGRAM   A special samples box has been prepared for EG Samples to be assembled and used to ship to a potential Client.  It includes 15 Micro Daily capsules and 1 Micro Daily Hydro.  A Health Advocate (HA) can purchase the samples and distribute them themselves, or HA’s can purchase sample credits from EG.  With one credit EG will send one sample to a potential Client for them.The New Micro Daily Plus CBD samples were just introduced too.
  3. ENGAGE-GLOBAL  APP  Makes it possible for a  Health Advocate to market from their smartphone, and send videos to their client while speaking with them.  A Health Advocate can order samples sent to the Client as they speak, using the App.  EG will fulfill the order and send it to the Client.  The order is tracked by the App and the day the Client receives the sample, the HA is notified and autoresponder emails begin coming to the Client (over a period of 2 weeks) through the APP.  These are only a few of the things the EG App will do.
  4. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM    Professionals such as Drs, Chiropractors, Naturopaths. Health Food Stores, etc.  Contact  EG Health Advocate for information about getting Engage-Global products placed in their own place of business.  A very lucrative program is in place.

In My Opinion

Engage–Global has impeccable integrity and is a company you can trust whateverEngage-Global advertises and says to be true.
I have used the product for four years now. But I have to be honest. I tried the Micronutrient Military Formula before David Nemalk bought the rights to the product 6 or 7 years ago and didn’t feel it did anything for me.  I had quite a bit purchased and just wasn’t taking it so I quit. (but then I wasn’t taking it right either).
Dr. Prasad says that we need to take Micro Daily twice daily because one dose only contains enough for 12 hours.   I was only taking it once and only half of what I was supposed to take at that.  So I was really only getting 1/4 of the recommended dosage.

So Why Did I Try Micro Daily Again?

Originally Micronutrient Military Formula had was the capsules and I can’t swallow pills, so I had to open them and they are extremely difficult to open.  I had to cut them open with a knife and that was laborious.
So when I heard they had put Micro Daily into a Powder in a little  pouch, I was convinced, to try it again. I believe the first month was only $19 instead of $49 and that swayed me too.  (That special is no longer offered, however.)
I saw almost immediate results, in that I was able to sleep better at night – getting eight hours sleep instead of only two each night was encouraging, therefore I continued taking it.
Then a year later Dr. Prasad came out with his Protein Daily and I was able to lose weight at my age (73) and I have taken it ever since .

You Need To Hear The Doctor

Once I had heard “Dr. Prasad, I understood better why I love MD so much.  He makes so much sense out of nutrition.  I believe we can trust this company as long as David Namalka is at its helm and Dr Prasad is their chief scientist. Dave is always trying to help people for the better. He is sharing the product with less fortunate people too.  His generosity knows no bounds.  He is sending the product to Third World countries to help strengthen them before surgery.
Whenever a change is made most companies will raise the price.  Several times now, I have witnessed a price reduction in products here at Engage-Global.
The latest PRICE REDUCTION   was with the Micro Daily Plus product.  The price was originally priced at $139.00 for a month’s supply.  However, David Namalka has permanently reduced the price to $99.00 for a month’s supply.
New customers also have a 60-day money-back guarantee which seldom gets used, but it is there none-the-less.
See what I believe to be the most unique health and wealth Program on the net CLICK HERE.

Affiliate Marketing .What Is It?

Start Your Home Business

What is the best way to make money on the internet? 

As I searched the web I found more and more evidence that the best way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing .What is it?

In asking Siri “what is Affiliate marketing?” ,  I found that Affiliate Marketing is

“Performance-based marketing, in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts.”


As I researched, the more I learned the more I became convinced that there was a good opportunity to develop a good income from Affiliate Marketing.

For two full years, I studied tirelessly,  learning all I could about Affiliate Marketing.  I watched youtube videos and read articles about it, then I tried program after program, buying all the necessary tools I could afford to accomplish the goal.

Putting the cart before the horse

As an example, I signed up with Alibaba to buy items from China and have them dropshipped to the customer.

Here’s what I did:

  • I bought a Shopify account  Cost=$49/mo
  • Spent hours  looking for the products I wanted to sell
  •  I bought an autoresponder  =$19/mo
  • a Fiver account = Free,  Pay as you go
  • a domain name reserved and paid for = $19/ year
  • a web hoster = $2.50/ mo
  • A funnel training program =$299 + $49/mo,To be able to use the autoresonder with this you needed to pay $297/mo
  • Books $50
  • Bought another affiliate training program  = 4 payments $299.00 ea nonrefundable, I found out too late.  That ended up to be $1200
  • There were more, I forget them all.
  • I started to signe up with Amazon,

I was instructed to get all these accounts set up and I was far from ready to use them

I had the vision of Affiliate Marketing, but just not all the answers.  Eventually, I ran broke, and I discontinued all the tools and their costs.  The dream, the hope all dashed to pieces!

At this point I had learned all about

    1. email marketing,
    2. how to create funnels,
    3. how to make landing pages, and I’d made some good ones
    4. Found I needed an autoresponder ($$)
    5.  experienced search engine optimization (SEO) about 8 (eight) years before

I had been studying to learn about Affiliate Marketing for two years from all the latest, and so-called  “greatest affiliate marketing guru’s” on the web, but they always left out a piece of the puzzle.  Of course, for a bigger price they would show you how to do “that”.  They always seemed to be leaving out a major piece of the online marketing puzzle .

I counted the cost as part of my Education

However, once I started putting the dots together, I realized these “done-for-you” programs were so over my head, and without all the puzzle pieces, I realized that  I couldn’t make it without deep pockets. 

I considered the cost of all those tools and training as the price of my education in online Affiliate Marketing, but my pocketbook had run dry.

The gurus kept saying “don’t do search engine optimization”, but Wealthy Affiliate said “SEO” was “THE way to get organic FREE traffic” and I couldn’t afford to buy traffic.

Those other programs had taken all my available cash and still wanted more, so I had to look elsewhere for help.  Wealthy Affiliate appeared to have a FREE trial and kept showing up positively in reviews on YouTube and so I decided to give it a try. FREE worked for my budget.

Trying Wealthy Affiliate For FREE

When I first began my journey of a FREE trial with  Wealthy Affiliates, in February 2019, I thought it was going to be really easy.  After all, I already thought I knew most of the things to do.  Within three weeks Google had found me.

Wealthy Affiliate Has It’s Own Ranking

When I first noticed my ranking and it finally dawned on me that this ranking was “Wealthy Affiliate (WA) ranking” and NOT Google rank, I started recording my WA Rank on a daily basis.  When I began recording my ranking, it was at 288,000+.

As I moved through the first training module that ranking started to decline.  From my earlier SEO experience, I knew I wanted Google rank to get closer to -0-, so  I figured I was headed down the right road.

The only thing was, it appeared it was going to take more than a few days to start makng money.

      1.  I had to have a website full of content, (20-100 pages)
      2. My site needed to be indexed by Google,
      3. I needed traffic to my site

Moving in the Right Direction

It only took 5 more days for my Wealthy Affiliate rank to drop below 100,000.  I was so motivated to get up and check my stats every day that I couldn’t wait for morning to come so I could see how many people had followed me, and what my rank was.

Another motivation was the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Everyone was so accommodating.  It was wonderful to have words of encouragement and nice, complimentary things being said to me. That was rather unexpected.  No one on those other sites had even cared a ‘cat’s meow’ about me.

The fact is, it had been just the opposite on those guru sites: “You’re a quitter I’ll bet, aren’t you? ”    “Very few people actually succeed in this business.”  “Are you going to quit too?” etc. They didn’t say it in those exact words, but that was the gist of how it felt.   I really figure I know what it is like to be bullied now.

I had learned that Affiliate Marketing was the way to make money on the internet.  I know that to be a fact.

YOU Can Achieve Success Too 

All you have to do is learn the secrets and do what the others  are doing successfully on Wealthy Affiliate, and you can achieve success too .

Learning all there is to learn about Affiliate Marketing takes time and you need to sit back and be ready for the long haul.  It’s not easy but it’ll be worth it.

We used to teach our young children a song called, “Do As I’m Doing, Follow, Follow Me.”  That surely has proven to be a correct principle at Wealthy Affiliate.  If you follow the leaders, they will teach you HOW to build YOUR business.

Interacting with The Community

Whenever you have a question all you  have to do is ask for help and within minutes someone in the Wealthy Affiliate community will often respond to your query.

None of this waiting for hours for the “help” person to respond to your question, as I had experienced from previous ventures.  And on weekends someone is always available from the Wealthy Affiliate community to respond to you almost instantly.

People post their experiences in what we call “WA Blogs”.  They also post tutorials showing simple to complex training on subjects we all will need to understand.

If you have a question all you need to do is put your issue in the “Need Help” section at the top of the blog page.  Many times you will find that several people have already answered your question before you even ask it.

There is even a CHAT room where members can answer questions and get paid a nominal amount from Wealthy Affiliates for doing so.

“I have found that once I post a blog on Wealthy Affiliate, within a few moments sometimes I will receive a comment.  One morning I got up to 22 comments, after  posting at 2 am.”                   …Lmb

This is a worldwide company so people are here round the clock.  And some even stay up till all hours of the morning writing.

If no one else knows the answer, Kyle and Carson can be contacted and will answer your question personnally.  That is amazing for the heads of a company as big as Wealthy Affiliate to personally answer your question.

Mamy  banners like the ones in this article are available for members to use.

Earning Accomplishment Badges and Certificates

When a person joins Wealthy Affiliates they immediately get a badge under their profile bio indicating they are a FREE member.  Badges are earned for various accomplishments.

The badges show the following:
      1. The year you joined
      2. When your account set up contains your profile and your picture,
      3. First website is launched.
      4. Premium badge when you go Premium
      5. Google badge when your first page has been ranked with  Google,
      6. Certification badge shows which level of training you have completed,
      7. Dedication badge showing once you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months and your highest level of achievement every 12 months,
      8. Ambassador Badge, 
      9. Wealthy Affiliate Rank Badge below 200

In addition to a person’s badges, on a member’s profile page you can see all the Blogs they have posted on Wealthy Affiliate, and you can even see their own Websites on the far right lower corner of their profile page (if they have entered them under “Follow Me On”.)

How to Create a Website With WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate uses Word Press to build your websites. The training on Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to set up your first website (and future ones) using Word Press.

While Word Press has it’s own training,  Kyle and Carson have included it in their awesome Training, which gives us the needed information to create a successful SEO based website.

It is recommended that you take Kyle’s training because he keeps it simple enough for us newbies to understand.  In the later training modules much of the more advanced things are also discussed.

In addition to Kyle’s training, when you are ready to learn the harder things, someone in the community will often show you how to do the harder stuff too.

There are many professional web masters who join Wealthy Affiliate and offer their help and support as well.

More Training Every Friday with  Jay

Each Friday, Jay offers training thru a webinar that is generally recorded for future reference.  This has been extremely helpful in solving some of my problems.  Jay delves into creative, in-depth ways to further optimize our websites.  He provides a wealth of information and you won’t want to miss any of his training webinars.

HERE is a Friday training that Wealthy Affiliate offered on Affiliate Marketing.

You have to be a premium member to attend, and Jay’s training is worth it!

For additional info on Affiliate Marketing, request my FREE eBook  when I get it finished.  Click on the envelope at the end of this article and you will be notified when it is completed.

In Review 

Affiliate Marketing has proven to be about the best way to make money for people who want to earn an income from home or abroad.  It will take time, but with the right training and support, anyone can do it.  

Wealthy Affiliates provides a home for many people searching for help with their online journey in Affiliate Marketing.  It provides training in building your business, a great community, web hosting and website building opportunities all for only $49/month or even less if you pay annually, or on Black Friday it is often 1/2 off THE ANNUAL FEE..

You can try it FREE for 7 days to see if you like it before deciding to upgrade.  This is the only upgrade you will be presented with at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is the best way to make money on the online internet? Click the link below to learn how.