A Diebetic with No More Retinopathy?


I’m so excited today, because I’m a Diabetic with no more retenopathy. I have suffered from retinopathy for more than 20 years now but upon visiting my eye specialist yesterday, (2019) he told me my eyes no longer have “leaking” blood vessels. In fact they are very healthy and show no signs of the usual diabetic problems which are:

      1. macular degeneration,
      2. glaucoma, and
      3. retinopathy

Just like when I asked HOW we resize pictures  here on Wealthy Affiliate or wrap text around a picture, the Dr. asked me what I was taking to supplement my diet.  And just like our fantastic Wealthy Affiliate community that responded immediately to my resizing question, I told the doctor about my amazing micro nutrient formula I’ve been taking that has been clinically tested to help the eyes.

What just blows me away is that after more than 20 years with this disease, I no longer have any problem with the blood vessels in the eyes leaking. That was even better news than the fact that Google found another of my pages and indexed it, and I was really excited about that too.  I’m certain that after 20 years experiencing Wealthy Affiliate training, I will be much improved with my web building techniique too.

I always find similarities with my personal experiences and my Wealthy Affiliate progress. Life happens and so does Wealthy Affiliate. It is through sharing what we go through that others gain wisdom and learn what to do and not do.

Many days I come to the Wealthy Affiliate site and I am inspired by things someone says. Just like the doctors words gave me hope for my visionary future, those who have offered words of uplifting encouragement through this platform’s community give me hope that I can make a success of my Wealthy Affiliate experience.

You too can learn how to build an online business from home.  With the help of Wealthy Affiliate  and it’s fabulous community.


May we all enjoy success and happiness in our life’s  and Wealthy Affiliate journey.

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  1. Hello Linda,

    Interesting website, a lot of good information.

    On another note. I am wondering why your diabetic retinopathy went away. What exactly did you do to make it disappear?
    Is there some miracle medication or did you do something to your diet?
    I am curious what kind of diet you have. What would you typically eat at each meal? Do you count carbs or calories?
    How do you manage your diabetes?
    Just curious.
    Take care.

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