Welcome To NewYou – Wealth Solutions.

Welcome To NewYou Health and Wealth Solutions.

You may have found my website, in the same way I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You were searching for ways to increase your income thru online marketing.

Especially now, with the circumstances, we face with the COVID-19 virus. Right?  What are we to do?  So many people have lost jobs and don’t know where to turn.

Well , I have a suggestion. There is something you can do and that is to keep yourself busy. ” Doing what ?” you ask.  Well, do what I’m doing.  You can investigate starting your own online business.  And it’s free to try it and see if it’s right for you.

Let’s Start At The Beginning

My first attempt at building an online biz was when I started a website  back in the ‘90’s.  I knew absolutely nothing and was basically experimenting with the internet. There was no one to help me.   I learned as I tried to develop a viable website.  However, knowing nothing of Google and algorithms nor SEO, I was shooting in the dark.  The only activity I had on my website was me.

In 2006-2007 I acted as General Contractor in building our new home and was able to successfully build that home with a 1/3 value equity built-in.  I also built a website about owning your own home in 3 builds..  It made enough to pay for the hosting for a few years from Adwords, but eventually, Google did their dance they are so famous for and soon I had to abandon that site for lack of funds.

I discovered there are two types of Online Marketers; the ones who make the money online, and the ones who don’t.  Eventually, I fell into the latter group.

It’s Not That I Didn’t Try!

I spent hundreds of hours online, and  purchased thousands of dollars of programs that just didn’t work, for me. Those affiliate marketing gurus all had a great pitch, telling me that it was easy to make money if I did it their way. They just failed to say it would cost me plenty of money. Money I didn’t have.  They also failed to say that hundreds of people just like me were making THEM richer and richer while I became POORER and POORER.

The Missing Puzzle Piece

“They” never really told me I could become wealthy with online marketing, It’s simply that I never did learn HOW to make it work for me.

They always left out the most important thing I needed that would cost me from $1200 to  $2400.  A piece of the puzzle was always missing Until Now.  My money was exhausted and I had about lost all hope of succeeding online

Try It First To See If You Like It. 

One day, while online, I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate program that offered a FREE membership where I could try their platform for free, to see what the training amounted to.  What could it hurt to look?

There were free lessons with step-by-step video in addition to text instructions, showing you how to create your first website.

On February 1, 2019, I signed up for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate, and created my first website hosted by SITERUBIX. Those ten free lessons were instrumental to my success.

I have never found another platform that offers

      • Free membership,
      • Free website,
      • Free hosting,
      • Free domain
      • Privacy page,
      • Free use of a keyword search tool.
      • All for FREE

That’s all I needed to hear, so I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a ‘Starter member’, and in a few days, was busy creating my first SEO website.

Before my ‘Starter Membership’ expired in seven days, I knew I was going to become a premium member. And I haven’t looked back.

Wealthy Affiliate has a

    1. Global community input which responds to your questions
    2. Plus weekly training by Jay Neal , a 10 year+ member, who now trains us on pertinent issues we face while building our SEO websites.


Once I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, I have tried to share this information with online entrepreneurs, who are searching for a successful way to create a website and online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has the potential for you to be financially successful online and eventually earn you a substantial income through Affiliate Marketing.  People who have been here long term make sufficient to leave their full-time JOB

I want to help others like you, learn HOW to create an online income with an affiliate marketing niche website. Look at what members do  here 

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, or creating affiliate websites, check this out and scroll down a ways to hear  what members are saying:

See you on the inside!  I will be your mentor and help you get going if you decide to Enroll  with ME.   My mission is to help you become successful.  I’ll be there to encourage you and help you get your questions answered.




Linda Baxter