What are the needs of a Handicapped Person? PART ONE


By definition,, A person with a condition that is markedly restricted in their ability to function either

    • Physically,
    • Mentally, or
    • Socially

is considered handicapped.  The disability or amount of ability one has determines how we treat the handicap.  But our question is “What are the needs of a handicapped person?”

In this first of THREE-part article, I will specifically address severely Physically Handicapped individuals.

Part 2 will be on Mentally Handicapped  and part 3 will be on the Socially Handicapped.

Another word for our subject is “Disabled”.

There are so many aspects to this subject that I will try to touch on only the main issues here.  Being a handicapped person myself, and having to rely solely upon a caregiver, I believe I understand this better than someone merely reading about it.

In order to meet the needs of a severely handicapped person we need to improve their surroundings to meet their needs.  This requires tailoring and changing surroundings so that the handicapped can function as much as they are capable of doing.

The Main Concerns

  1. The Caregiver
  2. Access into and within the living space
  3. Bathroom space
  4. Kitchen maneuverability
  5. Transportation

As we look at the 5 items mentioned above, I will address them individually with ideas I have found helpful, plus other suggestions as well.  Perhaps if you have a solution you would like to share please comment at the end of this article so that others may benefit from your experience.


Usually a handicapped individual needs someone to care for them.  This is called a “Caregiver.”  They have to put the handicap’s needs above their own.  People sometimes hire someone for this caregiver position, but often a family member will perform this  service.

To be clear, you must understand that just because a person uses a wheelchair in public doesn’t mean they can’t necessarily walk.

Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs

Many handicaps can stand for a few minutes.  Enough to take care of bathroom needs, transfer from chair to car and some even use a walker at home, as I do, which helps keep their physical body more active and prolongs their life.


The Second Concern Is Accessibility

How are you going to get the patient in and out of the house?

Have you ever tried or even thought about how to walk up stairs with a walker? Most steps are not deep enough on the foot step for the walker to be supported with all four legs.  Therefore, your stability is challenged severely.

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When a handicap crisis occurs, probably the first thing that happens is a ramp has to be built so the handicapped can more easily walk into the house, or to wheel the patient in and out of the house if needed.  Along with that comes a handrail on each side of the ramp.

Sometimes the patient can still walk with a walker, and the ramp is still a wonderful way to go.

Our daughter bought a portable ramp so I could get in her home.  I am wheeled in so the handrails are unnecessary.

At home. we put our ramp in the garage so it is covered and there is no need to clean ice or snow off from the walkway in the winter and it does not impact getting into the car.  I can walk with my walker to and from the car in comfort.  Of course, we gave up being able to park 2 cars in the garage.

There are certain standards that ramps need to meet.  Be sure you hire a competent person to construct the ramp for you.

The angle of the ramp should typically be 14% or less or a 13 1/2 degree incline.   This is very important so as not to make pushing a chair, or walking up it too difficult. This is called Handicapped Accessible (HA) or ADA

Of course, the size of doorways are of equal concern with ramps.  They have to be wide enough for the wheelchair to enter through, in the event that the handicapped person cannot walk with a walker.

Stair Lift

If you have a second-floor living space, getting up or down is often of prime concern.  Stair-lifts are a good thing to make accessing that second floor where otherwise, you might have to remain on the main floor.

This lift is cut to your stairs-dimensions so you won’t have the trouble we ran into when we installed a used chair lift.  Upon purchasing the lift, we failed to check the length of the stairs.  They are all the same length aren’t they?

Consequently, our lift is shy about 2 stairs of reaching the basement and I have never been able to find an extension for it to be able to use it myself.  A disadvantage of buying used!

Others have enjoyed having it for lowering or raising heavy boxes, or riding when they are tired, but it was an unusually high priced item to use for that alone.

You should be able to start sitting on the main floor and then ride all the way up or down to floor-level again.  It is also a good idea to install a Grab bar at both the top and bottom, to aid the handicapped in standing up again at both ends unassisted.

The main idea is to make living comfortable for the patient so he/she can be as independent as possible.

Today, most homes are built with 36 inch wide external doors, but the inside doors from room to room are a different story.  You may have to do some reconstruction work inside the house if your patient is wheelchair-bound.

Preparing for coming home from Rehab

As I was thinking about coming home, after 10 weeks in rehab, after breaking my ankle, (see my story HERE), I had to figure out how I was going to do each and every task before I came home.  I thought of every scenario I could think of that I would be placed in and how I would deal with the challenges.

In Rehab I had CNA’s and nurses to help me but when I got home things would be entirely up to me and my husband. 

Before attempting to go home for keeps, the nurses at rehab suggested that I do an overnight trial.  In other words, to come home for a sleepover to see what things I had not considered.  That was an excellent idea.  Some of the things I wondered about were:

    • I wasn’t sure if I could sleep in a flatbed (the hospital bed at rehab would raise my head or feet)
    • Could I get out of bed on my own?
    • How could I move around in the bed without handles on each side of the bed?
    • How could I keep from falling out of bed?
    • Would I be able to move about within the house adequately?

Once home, it didn’t take long to realize that none of those worries was a problem.  I enjoyed the flatbed and was able to stretch out and finally sleep again. 

As far as the handles on each side of the bed, I put my walker beside the bed and used it as a handle as I would get out of bed. It also acted as a reminder of the edge of the bed and kept me from falling out of bed.

The last question was solved by bringing my electric wheelchair inside and riding on it throughout the house until I could walk myself. 

Problems all solved.

Now I just wanted to stay home.  That was not going to happen however, because rehab informed me that Medicare probably wouldn’t pay if I didn’t get an official release from the doctor to come home to stay.

Bathroom Facilities


Probably the biggest concern inside the house is using the bathroom.  A handicapped patient has to have

grab bars beside the toilet and in the shower or tub.  These will help prevent falling accidents from happening.  When a patient loses balance they will grab out, and that grab bar will often be the difference between falling or not.

As to the placement of grab bars, that depends on the individual bathroom.  Personally, I prefer a horizontal bar as well as a vertical one by the toilet, and the same in the shower. NOTE:  Be sure the installer uses a stud finder so the bar is not just affixed to the wallboard.

In the shower or tub, you need at least one horizontal bar near where the shower stool sits. Another vertical bar is helpful in getting safely out of the tub or shower.  You may find other areas where you want to place grab bars in your home.

A walk in shower with shower curtain and bench.

A shower stool is ideal for sitting in the shower.  Some people try to get by with a folding chair, but they are not adjustable.  In rehab, they had a seat built into the shower.   It was up high enough, so it was not hard to get up and off of it.

If you have an occupational home physical therapist, they may have one you can buy and they may install it for you too.  When I came home, I had an occupational therapist who helped me with showering until I could manage on my own and they installed two of them for me.

Use the recommended handicap grab bar in the tub or shower.  The cost will be around $20-$30 each.

Of course, a shower wand is a necessity for showering if the patient is sitting to shower.

A walk in bathtub with closed door.

You have probably seen the advertisements for walk-in tubs.  If your patient prefers to luxuriate in a bath, then you may want to consider this for your patient.

A white toilet in a bathroom.

Most handicaps need a hi-rise toilet or toilet seat to make getting off the “throne” easier.  There is nothing harder for a disabled person than to try to get off of a short, low, squatty toilet.  Again, this is a selective thing.  If your patient has no trouble getting off the throne, then don’t worry about it.


Most physically handicapped people do not spend a lot of time on their feet.  We walk or ride where we are going and then a chair is the first thing we look for.  Personally, I have a rolling swivel chair in each room that I go to except where my recliner is.  The chair needs to be comfortable.


In the kitchen, the handicapped needs to be able to access everything from the chair level.   This sometimes demands a little creativity.  But for the most part, there are several items made available to make disabled life easier.

Some of these to consider are:

    • Upper cupboard pull-down shelves
    • Cabinet pull-out shelves6 x 23 x 30 Inch Base Cabinet Filler Pullout
    • Refrigerator pull-out shelves
    • Turntables that bring items to the front
    • Kitchen tool turntables
    • Knife block for sharp knives
    • Pull-out Breadboards create a near table-top level surface to work from in the kitchen
    • Barstools
    • Kitchen tools
      • Can openers
      • Long-handled tongs
      • Kitchen shears or scissors

Other Tools

Some handicaps have trouble reaching to pick something up off of the floor.  In that case, a 32 inch grabber tool is very helpful.  They come with 1 or 2 grabber ends.  This is the one I use and prefer it because you can pick up almost anything with it., except for teeny tiny stuff.

Some heavy people have trouble reaching around to wipe themselves after using the bathroom.

There are special long-handled tools for that too, in which you wrap toilet paper around the padded end two or three times and reach around and voila` the task is done.  Note: This can get messy in trying to get the TP off of the end, but some find it helpful.  The cost was around $10 (in 2017)

On the other hand, this Bottom Buddy costs a bit more but would do a much better job and keep the mess in the toilet. ;o)

TIP: When getting dressed, a handicapped person may not be able to reach down to the floor.  I use a long-handled  “reach tool” for that.

Actually, it is a bamboo back-scratcher with a little curve at the bottom.  That is the easiest way to reach down and pull my britches up to where I can reach them.

On the same page at Amazon, there are five back scratchers for about the same price, $1.79 ea but they look like the handle would be too thin for me to hold on to.

For putting on shoes, there are shoe horns that are long-handled.  There is a Sock Aid, which you put the sock over the end and slip your foot into the sock.  You have two ropes on either side which allows you to pull the sock-aid up until your foot is into the toe of the sock, then finish pulling until your foot slips into the sock and the sock slips off of the Sock-aid. You save  a few bucks by purchasing 6 handy tools here or you can purchase them individually.

The only thing this 6 piece set forgot was a tool to take off the socks with when it’s time to remove them.  That is a simple tool that has a rubberized covered hook that slips easily in at the top of the cuff and gently slips the sock off your foot. When I saw that I knew they had thought of everything.  However, I haven’t found a picture of one yet.



In the kitchen, I have  14” long-handled stainless steel salad tongs that I use for reaching many  things.  They are heavy-duty, so I can lift heavier things.  The handle has a comfortable hold for an adult hand.  They can be used for BBQing too and are dishwasher safe.

You or your patient will have to get creative in accomplishing some tasks.

Door handles

Door handles can be much easier for the handicapped if thy are the lever type rather than the round handle type.

I have struggled and struggled to open my front door and have wished for this type of front door handle.  Of course, this would be a much stronger and decorative handle just because it is the “front door”

In our last house, we enjoyed these handles on all our doors and I highly recommend them


A vehicle to transport a handicapped individual in has got to have several things considered.

      • Can the patient stand and transfer into the vehicle?
      • What kind of wheelchair do you have-
          1. Push-chair
          2. Electric battery-operated chair
      • How high is the vehicle
      • Is there a step up to get into the vehicle
      • Do you need a lift to lift the chair into the vehicle?

There are many vehicles that are equipped for transporting an electric wheelchair.  The reality is, people die, and their electric wheelchair is no longer needed by the survivors,  but the vehicle is still equipped with the wheelchair inside.  The family often sells the vehicle with everything inside for the price of the vehicle itself.

Consequently,  you can often pick-up a vehicle with a derrick operated crane or lift which includes the wheelchair for a much-reduced price.

We picked up a good  2001 Ford Winstar with a derrick and wheelchair for only $3,900 several years ago.  We had to go to Southern Utah and drive it home, but it was an excellent purchase and has served us well.

The original Jazzy chair that we had lost a motor to one of its wheels, so we found another used Jazzy for $150 and simply put the old chair unit (which still looked very good) over the newly purchased ones-motors and batteries and we were set to go again.

There are some new electric wheelchairs that are collapsable and lightweight (about 45 lb) which are just reaching the market. They are so lightweight that you can fold the chair up, and lift it into your car or van.  What a remarkable idea when compared to the 250 lb scooters & wheelchairs often used today.

Being physically impaired doesn’t mean you are relegated to do nothing the rest of your life.  There are many things handicaps can do such as

      • Sewing
      • Quilting
      • Writing life history
      • Build online business 
      • Blog
      • Social Media
      • Read books
      • Paint
      • Dozens of other things

Critical Review

Being dependent on others for assistance is depressing at best for a disabled person having to cope with the handicap him/herself.  If you are a caregiver, keep that in mind as you assist your patient.

Anything you can do to make the handicap’s life easier will, in turn, make the life of the caregiver easier too.  Remember, as the caregiver, you are providing a service, however toilsome it may seem, if your patient is happy, your life will seen less demanding and your life will be happier in turn.


I hope this article has been helpful for you.  Please leave your comments and like and share this article.


DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any medical advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.






What is a Quarantine? SARS Coronavirus?


 What is SARS coronavirus?

NOTE: This article was written on  Feb 1, 2020 with updates added Mar. 1,  Mar. 9, Mar.20,  Apr. 9, and May 6, 2020.

As more and more deaths occur in China from coronavirus, more and more people are being quarantined. City streets reportedly are empty and devoid of people because people are staying home. As we hear about it in the news,  people are wondering if the truth about coronavirus is being revealed.  They want to know just What is SARS coronavirus?  

The coronavirus is a cousin to SARS virus. As of Feb 1, the official word is that 14,000 worldwide are infected.  However, Chris Enloe, a reporter for The Blaze says this number

“…is significantly too low, according to a medical research paper published Friday, Jan 31, 2020.

“The shocking results of the study, which was performed by experts at the University of Hong Kong, found that as of Jan. 25, more than 75,000 people in Wuhan had likely already contracted the disease, a number nearly 100 times greater than what the official record stated. At the time, there were just 761 reported confirmations of the disease in the Wuhan area.

“Even more alarming is the fact that the disease doubles in the number of infections every 6.4 days, the experts found.

“That means, if the scientists are correct, more than 150,000 people living in and around Wuhan are infected with the disease.

“What that means for the rest of the world is uncertain. However, given the lengthy incubation period, and the fact that the disease has already undergone genetic mutations, the official numbers likely do not reflect the actual number of people infected with the coronavirus.”

Coronavirus spreads through the air, and by touching something that has been touched by someone infected. and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

What is a Quarantine?

People are placed in isolation so as not to spread disease.  NOTE: We have learned through personal experience that we can Self-quarantine to keep ourselves from harms way.

Is the Coronavirus in China Going to Affect Me?

China is under quarantine status right now because of the coronavirus.  China has shut down its steel industry because of the coronavirus.  Now it is spreading all across the world in small cases, but is this a threat to the world?

Americans have been evacuated from China. The following videos show evidence. Look at the little videos under the main video here==>  See this CNN video.  

 What would a coronavirus quarantine look like for me?

China is under quarantine status.  What would a coronavirus quarantine look like for you in your country?  Inability to leave your home for weeks.  3 weeks has to be planned for, till there are no more outbreaks.  Then another 3 weeks. That is 6 weeks, but how long would it take till there are no more outbreaks?

Are you prepared to spend 6-8 weeks or longer in your home,  unable to go to the store for restocking your supplies?  Besides, how long would it take for shelves to be bare in the grocery stores?

Emergency Preparedness

Some of the items you should be concerned about stocking up with should include

  • Food,
  • Hygiene masks, coronavirus masks
  • Meds,
  • Medical supplies,
  • Paper goods,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Personal hygiene

It isn’t just food that you would need in the event of a lockdown or quarantine situation in your community.

Medical Needs Are Of Prime Importance

Do you have medical needs such as

You will need a minimum of a 6 week supply of the above-mentioned items.

Hygiene Masks

With the Coronavirus, hygiene masks would be a must to have in your supply.  Even before lockdown.  Whenever going out in public you would need your mask. The type of mask you need is not the typical little white dust mask, often displayed in pictures you see.  The particles would still be able to enter your lungs with those masks.

The dust mask will not protect you so you need an industrial type mask that costs around $8-$12 each and you would need one for each person in the family.

NOTE: Many people have learned to sew their own masks, so if you can’t find any in stores or online, a scarf is better than nothing.

  • Personal Hygiene

If your family had to be quarantined for two months, what personal hygiene items would you need?  Consider all items such as soaps, hair care, deodorants, baby wipes, female monthly needs, etc.

If you wait until an emergency arises, do you really believe you would be able to buy these things at the store?  Things would go flying off the shelves and within hours the shelves would be empty.

  • Paper goods
    toilet paper
  • Paper towels,
  • Paper plates,
  • Plastic Utinsels,
  • Bed pads
  • Toilet paper,

Some of these items are less important than others.  TP and bed pads might be more important than paper plates and plasticware, for example.  You can wash dishes whereas,  you can not manufacture TP & bed pads.

Each person will have to determine what is most important and make priorities as to what to purchase first and foremost.

Cleaning Supplies


Of a certainty, you are going to need to be able to wash clothing and to clean dishes and surfaces.  So cleaning supplies must not be forgotten about.  Laundry soap, toilet cleaners,  disinfectants, sink and shower cleaners.

Most of us who have sufficient for our needs definitely need to keep an eye on our current supply and make sure we replace them or buy a back/up while you are using up that final two months’ supply

Foods to Store

If you were unable to go to the store to purchase food for 2 months it’s obvious that you need some form of food, whether dehydrated, canned or fresh.  Fresh produce would be out of the question, however, there are some alternatives that can give you those nutrients you get from fresh fruits and vegetables.  I’ll address that later.

  • Bulk grains which require special treatment to preserve them from pests and weevil.
  • There are, of course, canned foods you can store and many do, but most of us don’t store enough of them to last very long.
  • Freeze-dried food and dehydrated food and meals are a typical selection by many people.

My Preference For Storing Food.


I take a little of each of the ways people store food.  It makes things more affordable and for most of us, the cost is a big concern.  Perhaps you will like some of my ideas.

I have some dehydrated food in #10 cans and Pantry sizes.  These dehydrated and freeze-dried foods also come in meals all ready to rehydrate and eat.  You would be wise to get lots of those meals for a rainy day.   

For grains, I have mostly stored them in buckets or 40-gallon cans.  I buy them in bulk so they are much more affordable.  You have to figure out the season of harvest for each grain so you can purchase them after they are harvested.  This picture may appear to be bulk to you, but I recently purchased 25 lb of Oatmeal for around $23.  Compare the price.

I buy dried beans in small 1 pound sizes because that keeps the rest of the beans in unopened packages.  When my children were at home, however, I would buy 4-6 lb bags.

I buy Powdered Milk, Oatmeal, & Rice in bulk when I can.  Then I can put it in cans myself, or in a group of likeminded persons, we rent the “Canner” from a local source and can it in #10 size cans..

If you store any grains in bags, make sure they are triple cleaned and triple bagged.  Then it is important to keep them up OFF the cement where moisture will form.

grain in fieldThe triple bagged grains usually prevent rodents from getting into them.  We have some wheat that is stored that way, but we store it on pallets off the floor!  The temperature has to be cool below 72 degrees because weevil hatches at around 72 degrees.

Here’s a horror story with regards to storing wheat and weevil.

My parents had an open  30 gallon can with wheat in it in their storage when they passed away.  It was stored in a garage that was supposed to be insulated.  When my brother put his hand into the wheat up to his elbow and then pulled it out, it was covered with hollowed-out husks of wheat.  At the bottom were the fat well-fed weevils. 

It is important to keep wheat in a climate-controlled environment.  A basement usually stays around 50 degrees unless it is heated.  in that case, you need to insulate your storage room well.

Don’t Forget Other Essentials

A diet of bread, wheat, oatmeal, powdered milk, and rice would be really tasteless, and you would tire of it very quickly without some flavorings added.  That is why I make sure I have plenty of

    • variety of spices
    • raisins,
    • pickles,
    • baking supplies such as baking powder, and soda and
    • don’t forget yeast.  If you had to make your own bread you would need yeast.
    • Salt

What is the difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated foods?

Freeze-dried food has been dried in a slow low heat environment.  The moisture has been extracted slowly so it can be quickly reconstituted.

Dehydrated food has been dried more quickly and so the rehydration takes much longer.  Dehydrated food is much cheaper than freeze-dried.

Many bikers, backpackers, and campers love freeze-dried packets of food because they are so easy to use and taste like real food.  In addition, they are lightweight and much easier to deal with.  You can even eat some of them right out of the packet.

Both freeze-dried and dehydrated food comes in cans or Mylar packages or containers.  Canned dried food will generally last for 25 to 30  years, however,  cans rust over time so you have to be concerned about that.

If the cans are kept in a humid environment, they will rust.  I found that out when my parents died leaving a bunch of “Rainy Day” foods they had stored for over 30 years and most of them were useless because of rusted through cans.

Food stored in mylar packages must be stored inside a tub or bucket to keep rodents from invading them.

The advantage of storing dehydrated food in #10 cans is that you can put them on the shelf and forget about them until that rainy day when they become needed.  You should routinely rotate your storage.  Have an emergency preparedness meal once a month or week.

WARNING:  If you store #10 cans, routinely double-check them to check for rust.

How long will dehydrated food last once it’s opened?

The shelf life is usually 6 to 12 months but it must be kept dry and oxygen-free.  Usually, the plastic lid is sufficient, and you need to keep it in a dark dry cupboard once it is opened..

How Do We Get The Nutrients We Need?

Did you know that by sprouting seeds you can get great nutritional value from those tiny seeds.  It is at the moment that seeds sprout that the seed has the most nutritional value of its whole life.  Sometimes 600% more nutrition at that very point of germination.!  This a self-watering/rinsing sprouter.  If you aren’t used to sprouting seeds,  this unit will take the guesswork out of remembering to rinse your seeds.

Seeds such as lentils, alfalfa, radish seeds, and wheat are often used in sprouting.  Mung beans are very hard to sprout into the long mung beans you buy at the store.  Lentils taste similar to fresh green peas.  When my family used to get sick, and I was sick and tired of the sickness, I would make sprouts to help them get well.  It worked every time.

Another thing you can do is to sprout your beans before making chili and bean soups.  We usually soak beans overnight, and by just rinsing them and covering them with a towel, and then rinsing every 6 to 8 hours until the sprout barely pops out, not only will you get better nutrition from these beans, but you will also take some of the flatulence out of the beans.

In Review

To be prepared for a health crisis like is happening in China, where a quarantine decree might be issued, we need adequate food, and supplies to last us for at least 8 weeks.  Even if a crisis never happens, you will be prepared for any emergency like unemployment, earthquake, tornado, snowstorm, etc.

March 1, 2020 – UPDATE

The CORONAVIRUS  is called COVID-19 now.  It is rapidly becoming a worldwide concern.  Not much is known about its beginnings and the actual numbers of deaths in China.  It is known that many people were in China and have traveled around the globe potentially exposing thousands if not millions of individuals.

China has been isolated from the rest of the world.  Nothing is being shipped in or out of China now.  Food from China lies in harbors rotting in their ships.

China’s factories and places of business are shut down.

The actual harm to the world lies more in the fact that most countries rely heavily upon products from China.  Most countries do not have a Plan B for obtaining these things in an event like this.

The US depends upon China for its medications, over the counter drugs, and literally much of our products used in our day to day living.

Without access to these products, the US economy may suffer severely far more than from COVID-19 as a disease.  If people cannot get their meds for several weeks, panic will likely be the killer, not the COVID-19.  Masks are almost non-existent on the shelves in our area of the country already. (Western USA)

President Trump has already announced the possible need to quarantine us for 2-3 weeks, possibly longer, in order to eliminate the threat to our nation.

Other nations are hit hard by a similar situation.  Italy and South Korea are specifically mentioned in the news now.

If you haven’t started preparing for a possible quarantine scenario, don’t you think it might be a good idea to consider it, before it is too late and the shelves are empty at the stores?

Read what a prepper has to say about this HERE.

It never hurts to be prepared!


March 9, 2020 UPDATE

It’s not all about them!

With the Spring Break coming it will be hard to convince our young people they don’t HAVE to go this year.  Yes, they are strong and healthy, but it’s not all about them!  It is who they may infect when they return (if they become infected) at:

    1. Spring break,
    2. Senior class week in Florida, tickets bought and already paid for long B4 Covid-19 –  ($1,300 in a case I know about)
    3. Concerts people bought tickets to months ago

COVID-19 is still an unknown.  It has already killed more than SARS did and the numbers keep rising. It is just getting its foot in the door of some countries.  It is now considered a Worldwide Pandemic.

Some preventive measures are to

      • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  That is as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.
      • Self-quarantine if you are older and have a weakened immune system.
      • Arrange to have classes taught through the internet and stay home from school if you are feeling ill, or at risk.
      • Also, stay away from large gatherings.  You have no idea where people have been, and who those people have been around.

March 20, 2020 UPDATE

The USA is coming to a standstill due to Covid-19.  Truckers are the only thing keeping the nation alive.  But that may end soon as rest-stops across the nation are not keeping showers open to truckers due to lack of personnel to clean them.  Truckers cannot buy food or gas at truck stops in some cases.

The conditions in the US are becoming dire.  Fast food is only available at the windows in most cases.  Only 10 people can be in one restaurant at a time.  Businesses have sent employees home and many shelves are emptied in grocery stores within minutes of being restocked.

New computers are needed and most of the time schools are not supplying them for their students.

There will be few if any Senior Graduation Ceremonies held in high school auditoriums in 2020.  Students will graduate but without the usual  “cap and gown”  pomp and ceremony with the band playing the graduation song.

Instead, in true,  American spirit, sports lovers organized special “See The Light” events in my part of the nation.  The football stadiums of Eastern Idaho turned on their Stadium lights at precisely 8:45 PM  on Good Friday for about 20 minutes.  People drove past the stadiums and honked their horns, all participating in proper social distancing.  Cars were lined up clear across our city in honor of those sports lovers who are all “benched” (so to speak) who came to  “See the lights.”  Many communities in Eastern Idaho participated in this event.

Some students, I am aware of in my community, have been used to holding once a week “Night Out Together”

In keeping social distancing in mind, students have met and parked their cars to form a circle in the school parking lot. Students then  sat on their vehicles’  hood-tops and chatted with each other from a distance.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are bringing missionaries home from many countries.  Thousands of missionaries are being transported in jets secured by the Church to only transport missionaries.  New Missionary Training Centers are not receiving new missionaries.

This year April Semi-Annual General Conference for the Church will be held using electronic broadcasting and only speakers and the First Presidency will be present for each session.  Usually,  members have to obtain tickets to each session and over 20,000 people flock to SLC, Utah to attend each session of General Conference.

All Church meetings of the worldwide Church of over 16 Million have been cancelled for over 2 weeks now, and members are encouraged to stay home.

Listen to those inner promptings you are feeling and hearing.  This is not a political issue, it is a community issue,  a worldwide issue.

April 8, 2020  UPDATE

We have been in pretty much “lockdown mode for 3 weeks now.  We can only go out for necessities and keep social distancing.  President Trump gives nightly briefings as to the progress being made with Covid-19.

Numbers of cases and deaths reported continue to climb, however yesterday, April 8, the briefing reported a slight decline for the first time in NYCity.  That is encouragement, but everything could change in a heartbeat.

People all over the world are praying for relief from COVID-19 and another fast and prayer day is coming on Good Friday.  Those of you who are faith believers please join your prayers with us on Friday Apri 10th.

The USA is suffering Economic crisis, as are many other countries.  In some places across the US, truckers find it difficult to find a place to shower or buy food for themselves to eat to sustain themselves.  If trucking stops, our economy will die.

Pres. Trump pushed a $4 Trillion Stimulus Bill through Congress which will help those with low incomes or no incomes with bills they have to pay.   Pres. Trump is pushing to get this nation’s people back to work ASAP.

Capitalism is showing what it does best.  People and companies across America are manufacturing masks, ventilators, and other necessary medical needs to keep our medical professionals supplied with necessary protective gear and equipment.

These companies were not commanded to drop other items and manufacture “masks” (or whatever the item is) but most have done this voluntarily.  This is true Capitalism at work.  When there is a need Americans don’t have to be told what to do, they just do it.

Most all school buildings have been closed until the end of the school year.  There are online classes being taught by the students’ teachers for students of all ages.

Most Elementary teachers have not done this before, so this is quite challenging for students, parents, and their teachers.  Some families have several children needing to use their home computers and oft-times, the home computer is too slow. Some families do not even have a laptop or desktop computer at home.

Many parents are working from home, and some have turned to online businesses to make money from home.  See what I recommend as the best Affiliate Marketing Training available online. 

Again I remind you to

  • Wash your hands often,
  • Be sure you are getting enough Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin,,  if you are still sequestered inside,
  • Wear a mask and gloves if you venture out
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Drink water like a thirsty camel, especially if you get sick
  • Boost your immunity.

This Covid-19 is wicked stuff.

May 6, 2020 UPDATE

It has been a month since my last update to this Pandemic Quarantine.  For me, it has been nearly 4 months of self-imposed Quarantine.  I left the house for the first time yesterday and felt like a bear must feel,  just coming out of hibernation.

It felt somewhat strange to see the trees, shrubs, and tulips in bloom, especially when I went into lockdown everything was covered with snow.  Being handicapped myself, it didn’t affect me as it does many others because this is my life and I have had to accept it.  But a young vibrant individual would go “stir crazy” in the same situation.  I can only imagine.

The media has made it a political “error in judgment” of everything our  US President does. If something happens it’s his fault   If it doesn’t;t happen it’s his fault too. The media have stopped airing his briefings on the subject of Covid-19.  You have to search the news to find his briefings now.

It feels like this whole thing has been contrived for the benefit of the Left. Some scientists are claiming certain medicines already in existence for 50 years will wipe out Covid-19 in a few days, and some oppose it saying it hasn’t been proven and they don’t know what the side effects will be.  Is this rocket science or what?

Some scientists are saying about half of the population already has the virus antibodies in their blood, which means they have already had Covid-19 and the last thing we should be doing is staying home.  And likewise, others oppose the idea.

Some doctors of science are saying we should be using the “herd immunity” antibodies to fight this and that it is safe to go out, while others are saying it is the wrong thing to do to open up the country this soon.  Where do you draw the line?  Who do you believe?

Some scientists and doctors  say quarantining is the wrong thing to do, because it lowers our immune system, and when we go back into community we will have a bigger pandemic than the one before.  Rumors, rumors, and rumors abide all over facebook.  You have to research everything and then be careful what you believe.

President Trump has left it up to the Governors to open their own states.  For certain our economy is in trouble and needs to open back up to overcome this economic downfall.

Our Idaho  Governor has started re-opening our state in stages.  We are not able to go into most restaurants and only 10 workers are able to work at the same time.

Curbside pick-up from online orders was overwhelming one fast food place in my community last night.  In order to pick-up an order, the individuals had to get out of their cars, go into the establishment, state their name, and then wait for the crew to fill it 20 minutes later.  That was after waiting for over an hour for their online order to be delivered to their car.

It is going to be complicated to open up the economy slowly.  In addition, our food supply is being annihilated by the dumping of milk, euthanizing animals, and destroying vegetable crops by plowing them under.  Where is the sense in all this mayhem when people are starving to death on the streets and could be fed by all this wastefulness.  I was taught to eat up every bit of what I was eating and not be wasteful.  (See “Use it Up, Wear it out..” Here) 

History is going to record some of the most horrendous happenings during this tough time.  Hopefully, someone is going to make sense of it all.

In the meantime, I choose to keep working on my website and sharing what I find useful (and maybe not so useful)  You will have to do your own homework!  At least I can communicate with people all over the world through my community of likeminded individuals.  It gives me a broader picture as seen through others’ eyes worldwide.

Be Smart and Be Safe!

Blessings to Everyone





DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any medical advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.

Regarding COVID19 – Contact the CDC and listen to Pres. Trump’s nightly briefings for regular updates.