Engage-Global Review of Products and Marketing Strategy

Better Together

This Engage-Global Review of Products and Marketing Strategy will show how you can optimize your health and wealth. I will review the history of their unique products and marketing strategy.


Over $7000 is spent to externally protect each U.S. soldier. After 911 the Department of Defense realized external body armor is not enough.

Soldiers also need protection against unseen enemies like:

  • toxins,
  • concussive blast injuries,
  • traumatic injuries,
  • ionizing radiation,
  •  oxidative stress,
  • inflammation

Dr. Kadar Prasad, the United State’s first radiation biologist and the Father of micronutrients, was asked to form a research team to develop such a product.   A cooperative Research and Development Agreement was made between the United States Department of Defense, U.S. Marine Systems Command, NASA, and a leading military contractor.

Over $24 million was spent creating and validating Dr. Prasad’s formulation of micronutrients through 14 clinical trials and human studies.  This resulted in seven patents that created the branding of the formulation for military use and was called MMF.  For Civilian use, it is called Micro Daily.

A few years later, David Namalka, a venture capitalist from Wallstreet looked into MMF.  He originally intended to invest in the MMF company.  After many people gave testimony of the benefits of taking the product, he decided to buy the rights to this formula to help people share the benefits of optimizing their health and wealth. He secured the rights to the product and began his new company known as Engage-Global. (EG)

Optimize Your Health With Engage-Global Unique Products


Micro Daily, is proven to protect the body against oxidative damage and inflammation better than any existing product.  It is a precise combination of ingredients that helps your body achieve optimal health and cellular function.

“When your body burns energy, it creates cell-damaging molecules known as “free-radicals” that cause inflammation.  Micro Daily helps you take the offensive by delivering a broad range of micronutrients and important antioxidants designed to neutralize free radicals and strengthen your ability to combat them over time.”

“ Ensuring that your nutrition is properly supplemented with the right combination of ingredients will help your body achieve optimal cellular function. This is the only way to fight the effects of aging, a less than perfect diet, and the environmental stress that you encounter every day.”

                                           -Engage Global.com


 Watch Video about EG and testimonials.:  

“When I heard Dr Prasad say that by taking Micro Daily with your breakfast, it can bond with fat and produce more energy, I was excited to try it that way.  Normally I have little to no energy, but this has given me decidedly more ENERGY for the first time since I can’t remember! Then at night, I find if I take either a Micro Daily Hydro or Micro Daily capsule around dinner time, I get much better sleep at night”  Lm


Micro Daily Plus (MD+) is Micro Daily with CBD added to it.  The two together enhance each other, so that the benefits are much greater than taken separately.  Dr. Prasad researched CBD thoroughly before adding it to his formulation.

The benefits range from PTSD to General Pain.  Dr. Kort gives a good explanation of some of the benefits in this video at 24:48 min in. Look for the bald guy.  Check it out HERE.

UPDATE Dr. Prasad just created a new Micro Daily product.


PROTEIN DAILY is a patent-supported combination of proteins, amino acids, fiber, and other important micronutrients that fill important gaps in today’s nutrition while helping boost your metabolism, satisfy your hunger and improve your digestion.

Engage-Global says that decades of research helped in developing this unique “formula that combines two forms of protein, two forms of fiber,  amino acids, and citrulline into an effective and powerful energy source that will help your body perform optimally.”


“…with nutrient-deficient diets today… supplementation has become necessary for us to achieve optimal muscle strength, replenishment, and repair to our bodies taxed by everyday activities and the environments we live in.”



“I had an open wound that wouldn’t heal.  The doctor ordered me to take 30 gr protein.  I started taking 30 grams of Protein Daily (PD) and my wound healed up in a matter of days, whereas it had taken 5 months to get to that point.  I had a hole the size of a Nickle that had not covered completely over with skin.

The Dr. frankly didn’t expect it to heal and was mentioning the “Amputation” word.  But with Protein Daily it rapidly covered and repaired from the inside out.  In addition, I lost 35 lb. during that same time. 

I took the Protein Daily in combination with the Micro Daily each day.   I still take PD every day,  2 years later.”  Lindab

See my Laughter is the best medicine HERE  It tells a little about that wound that wouldn’t heal.  Here’s another article I have published about a Wound Vac that was also used in that healing before using Protein Daily.



“Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It controls everything you do….”

“Your brain uses more oxygen than any other organ in your body to generate energy…”

“Brain Boost Daily, in combination with Micro Daily, provides your brain with the optimal protection and nourishment…”

“Brain Boost Daily feeds the body at the cellular level to fuel your brain, helping you:

  • Master mental focus and concentration
  • Improve memory function
  • Sharpen your senses
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Fight mental fatigue and the effects of aging”

– Dr. Kedar N. Prasad Ph.D. Chief Science Officer and Product Formulator

“Brain Boost Daily, in combination with the Micro Daily, has given my body what it needs to be able to remember things and it gives me the ability to concentrate.  All I had to do was run out of Brain Boost Daily to realize if it was helping my memory or not.  I started repeating things over and over, and forgetting other important things that I should have remembered.   I quickly reordered and couldn’t get the product fast enough   Thank the Lord, it arrived quickly!  All is well now! ”  RickL

Optimize Your Wealth With Engage-Global’s Unique Marketing System

Marketing is done through direct sales, with payment on commissions earned through retail, or wholesale means.

EG is implementing several innovative ideas into their marketing structure.  Their idea is to make marketing simple and easy to understand.   Some of their incentives include:

  1. All Of It Bonus   EG puts a high emphasis on Health Advocates (Consultants) getting Clients.  To encourage this, David Namalka began the All Of It program, in which the Health Advocate (HA) receives the same amount of money as the new Client spends their first month.  The client spends $100, HA earns $100.  . EG prides itself in being the first company in the industry to pay  All Of It  for an HA’s new customer’s initial order.  It means if you want to make $500, then share the product with 5 new customers who buy $100 ea.
  2.  SAMPLES PROGRAM   A special samples box has been prepared for EG Samples to be assembled and used to ship to a potential Client.  It includes 15 Micro Daily capsules and 1 Micro Daily Hydro.  A Health Advocate (HA) can purchase the samples and distribute them themselves, or HA’s can purchase sample credits from EG.  With one credit EG will send one sample to a potential Client for them.The New Micro Daily Plus CBD samples were just introduced too.
  3. ENGAGE-GLOBAL  APP  Makes it possible for a  Health Advocate to market from their smartphone, and send videos to their client while speaking with them.  A Health Advocate can order samples sent to the Client as they speak, using the App.  EG will fulfill the order and send it to the Client.  The order is tracked by the App and the day the Client receives the sample, the HA is notified and autoresponder emails begin coming to the Client (over a period of 2 weeks) through the APP.  These are only a few of the things the EG App will do.
  4. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM    Professionals such as Drs, Chiropractors, Naturopaths. Health Food Stores, etc.  Contact  EG Health Advocate for information about getting Engage-Global products placed in their own place of business.  A very lucrative program is in place.

In My Opinion

Engage–Global has impeccable integrity and is a company you can trust whateverEngage-Global advertises and says to be true.
I have used the product for four years now. But I have to be honest. I tried the Micronutrient Military Formula before David Nemalk bought the rights to the product 6 or 7 years ago and didn’t feel it did anything for me.  I had quite a bit purchased and just wasn’t taking it so I quit. (but then I wasn’t taking it right either).
Dr. Prasad says that we need to take Micro Daily twice daily because one dose only contains enough for 12 hours.   I was only taking it once and only half of what I was supposed to take at that.  So I was really only getting 1/4 of the recommended dosage.

So Why Did I Try Micro Daily Again?

Originally Micronutrient Military Formula had was the capsules and I can’t swallow pills, so I had to open them and they are extremely difficult to open.  I had to cut them open with a knife and that was laborious.
So when I heard they had put Micro Daily into a Powder in a little  pouch, I was convinced, to try it again. I believe the first month was only $19 instead of $49 and that swayed me too.  (That special is no longer offered, however.)
I saw almost immediate results, in that I was able to sleep better at night – getting eight hours sleep instead of only two each night was encouraging, therefore I continued taking it.
Then a year later Dr. Prasad came out with his Protein Daily and I was able to lose weight at my age (73) and I have taken it ever since .

You Need To Hear The Doctor

Once I had heard “Dr. Prasad, I understood better why I love MD so much.  He makes so much sense out of nutrition.  I believe we can trust this company as long as David Namalka is at its helm and Dr Prasad is their chief scientist. Dave is always trying to help people for the better. He is sharing the product with less fortunate people too.  His generosity knows no bounds.  He is sending the product to Third World countries to help strengthen them before surgery.
Whenever a change is made most companies will raise the price.  Several times now, I have witnessed a price reduction in products here at Engage-Global.
The latest PRICE REDUCTION   was with the Micro Daily Plus product.  The price was originally priced at $139.00 for a month’s supply.  However, David Namalka has permanently reduced the price to $99.00 for a month’s supply.
New customers also have a 60-day money-back guarantee which seldom gets used, but it is there none-the-less.
See what I believe to be the most unique health and wealth Program on the net CLICK HERE.

Do you Remember When….?

Photos Preserve Memories

Alzheimers. Parkinsons Disease, and Dementia sometimes occur in old age. What is the treatment? Can anything help brain function?

It’s all about Brain Neurons

What are brain neurons? According to medicinenet.com neurons are the cells that process and transmit information in the brain.

Did you know that we lose over 50% of our brain neurons by the time we are age 60?  Fifty percent!

Scientists are predicting that by 80 years of age we will either have Parkinsons’ Disease, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia unless we supplement our bodies with neuron charging Nutritionals.       …Dr. Kadar Prasad

I remember a time when I was first married and I had learned that I had Narcolepsy caused by a brain lesion from a fall.  A “quacky” natural type doctor in Idaho treated me with some “quacky brain food.”  You’ll understand why I refer to him as quacky in a minute.

I “succumbed” to his sales pitch and bought the stuff, and then traveled back to Texas, where I lived, before opening the bottle to try it.

This stuff was liquid and had the most gosh-awful taste you can ever imagine.  Now, I can take an aspirin and chew it up and don’t mind the taste, so when I say awful, you can better imagine what it tasted like.  I immediately looked at the expiration date on the bottle.

The quacky stuff had DIED/expired and gone to H#@L several years before.  Now, this was back in the ’60s, when a Dr visit was only $8 so when I tell you he charged me $49 for the stuff you’ll understand what I mean when I say this was EXPENSIVE!!

He saw me coming all the way from Dallas to Boise..  He had some expired “Brain Food” that he could sell to an unsuspecting customer AND I LIKELY WOULDN’T BRING IT BACK FOR MY MONEY BACK because I lived so far away!.

I laugh about this now, but it was no laughing matter back then.  In fact, whenever anyone brought up the subject of “Brain Food” you can guess what I would say.  “There ain’t no such thing.”  Not for me that is.

When Dr Kadar Prasad, a world-renowned scientist and Engage-Global’s Chief Scientist, first spoke about a new formula he had developed for the brain, I was VERY skeptical.  Yet, I had seen what his other products were doing for me and so I listened.

I let my husband try Brain Boost Daily first, since unless he

Better 4U when taken together

took Selenium every day he couldn’t remember things.  We dropped the Selenium and switched over to Brain Boost Daily cold turkey.  I figured I would know immediately if Brain Boost Daily was any good or not because RL. my husband would be forgetting things immediately if the product was no good.  He has now been taking it for over 6 months now and is doing very well in the memory department of his life.

As an example, RL, age 78,  bought an “old clunker “Ford

1991 Ford Explorer

Explorer, 1991 vintage, for his second car.  He has always had a thing about repairing cars.  He has repaired engines, done brake jobs, repaired suspension systems, to name a few.

As you might guess, he is busy refurbishing his “new” old 1991 Ford Explorer he has named her Dora,  You know “Dora the explorer.”  Now, I am trying to understand what an old man needs two cars for, especially when he is the only driver.  If you have a good explanation for that one, I’d sure like to know what it is.

At least he is keeping busy and as long as he isn’t forgetting how to reassemble the project after he has it laid out all over the entire garage, then I won’t worry about his mind and memory.

I have heard that maintaining a good memory depends on you using your brain, so if that is true then activity, or using the brain is very important to maintaining a healthy brain.

Can you remember where everything goes?

The day RL can’t remember how to put the things back together will be the end of his automotive mechanic’s endeavor, however.  I pray that it never comes to that.

Is there a cure for Alzheimer’s?

RL’s father exited this life with a severe case of mental collapse that we call Alzheimer’s.

When RL started to not remember things about 10 years ago, I suggested he start taking Selenium, as I had heard that it is helpful for memory retention.  It seemed to help so much so that when I started noticing myself repeating things, or forgetting things, I too started taking it.

Then a few years ago, Engage-Global (EG) introduced Brain Boost Daily, a product that is specifically designed to boost the brain’s efficiency.  We were already taking 2 of EGs other products, and trying to keep purchases all under “one roof,” I started buying Brain Boost Daily for him too (and of course, myself).

Yes, we did drop the Selenium for him and Yes, his memory is still pretty sharp.  He is now 78 and he still can figure out how to redo the suspension in a front-wheel vehicle , and replace a door on this new vehicle.  Not only did he replace the door, but he had to take the “guts” out of the new junkyard door and then replace them with the insides of the old door.  Not an easy task at best.

If you or a loved one are having problems with memory or memory loss, maybe Brain Boost Daily is something you should consider looking into. Check it out here: 

But wait, there’s more!

Dr. Prasad, Engage-Global’sChief Scientist, had introduced Micro Daily in 2012 as his feature product, even before Brain Boost Daily.

There is quite a story behind the product development and the millions of dollars that were invested in its forth-coming.  This is a very short rendition of it, but Dr Prasad explains it very well.

Dr. Prasad is a world-renowned scientist and was recruited by the US Department of Defense to help create a product to protect our veteran soldiers from within their bodies.  kind of like body armor, only Micro Daily is internal armor. Over 24 million dollars were allocated for the project.

Our soldier men have exposure to chemicals and trauma unlike any of us can imagine.  Micro Daily is designed to support soldiers’ unique needs.

Being the world’s First Radiation Biologist Ph.D. in the USA and the world, Dr. Prasad was totally qualified for the job.  HERE, you will find reference to 25 books on micronutrients Dr. Prasad has authored, plus more than 250 peer-reviewed articles he has published.

In addition, Dr. Prasad recently created our Micro Daily Plus (CBD) formula, a combination of micronutrients and ultra-pure CBD isolate.

“With such life-changing and effective factors, we are confident that there is nothing like Micro Daily Plus (MDP) in the world! ”          ..Engage-Global

Dr. Prasad was on the Palm Springs TODAY show on NBC recently answering questions about MDP.   Watch his interview and learn about his insights regarding CBD in this  link.

“Better Together”

Dr. Prasad’s expression “Better Together” prevails in reference to all his products.  Basically it means the products act better together than when taken individually.

May you enjoy better health, renewed energy, better sleeping, and basically regeneration in your health and mind.

DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.

Learn More HERE Today

See my Review of Engage-Global HERE. 

What Are Stem Cells – Are They Important?


According to Wikipedia “Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into other types of cells, and can also divide in self-renewal to produce more of the same type of stem cells.”

That is really over some people’s heads, and so I am going to focus on the “self-renewal to produce more of the same type of stem cells” through nutrition.

Nearly every ad about health that you see on TV, on your computer, or in the news, is talking about Stem Cells or Anti-Aging.

Let’s face it we all hate to see our bodies break down.  Years ago, I remember seeing an Ad for finding your Real Age.  

I was 59 at the time and watched a video of a young woman growing old.  It was not something we want to see but was very informative as to why people age and look wrinkled in old-age.

As a result, I took their test and what I found was devastating!  Imagine how I felt!  I was only 59 but my real-age was 72!!  It was due to so many health challenges, several medications, and lack of exercise that my real- age was so high.

You can understand why I began looking for products

Young man-woman
Young appearance

that would help reverse my age.    I was able to find several natural supplements through the years that have helped me live to now be 76 literal years young.  That would mean that in 27 years later I am 4 years older than I was at age 59   – in Real-Age, of course. (To find your “real age” click HERE).

Women hate to see their skin starting to sag and wrinkle. They even deny their age and say they are 20 some-odd in age for 24-100 years. if they live that long.

Break-throughs in skincare have made it possible to hide wrinkles for a number of hours.  What woman doesn’t love to put her best face forward?  Then she covers it with creams and moisturizers at night only to follow the same regimen the next day.

But is it possible to actually reverse-age so your skin is tighter and wrinkles actually disappear?

  A New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging 

Are YOU Experiencing Any Symptoms of  Aging?

  •     How Is Your Eye Sight?  Is It Getting Worse?
  •     Are You Feeling Fatigued, Tired, And Just Run Out Of Pep?
  •     Are You Lacking Energy And Stamina?
  •     Do You Have Shoulder Or Knee Pain?
  •     What About Joint Or Back Pain?
  •     Does Your Neck Ache?
  •      Is Your Skin Changing?
  •     Arms And Legs Getting Thin Skin?
  •     Do You Have Dark Circles Or Bags Under Your Eyes?
  •      Does Your Face Show Wrinkles Around Your Eyes?

These are just some of the symptoms we may experience as we age.

American Dream Nutrition’s (ADN) scientists claim they have found the answer with a new breakthrough in nutrition that has a possibility of reverse-aging.  It’s called Stem Cell Release Factor.

Many claims are being made concerning the use of Stem Cell Release Factor.  People are checking it out and now you can too HERE


A lot has been said about building up the immune system so you’ll be strong enough to make it through the COVID-19 attack.

Stem Cell Release Factor has now been coupled with 2 other ADN products to boost the immune system. Check this out HERE.

About American Dream Nutrition

ADN is a seasoned company, with over 20 years of experience developing world-class nutritional products.   American Dream Nutrition Offers the HIGHEST Payouts with the LOWEST Qualifiers in the industry.

Their marketing program provides a Done For You program with a landing page that captures the email address of the potential customer, and then continues to send emails encouraging conversion or a sale.

This program costs $49/month but with just two distributors your monthly fee is virtually paid for so you no longer have that out of pocket expense to worry about.

To get paid for sharing the ADN products with others, a distributor is not required to use the “done for you” program, however.  If you don’t use it, you just don’t have the advantage of the autoresponder messages going to your contacts.

ADN also has a Pay it Forward program in which they buy your prospect’s first bottle of product, which shows ADN’s belief in their own product.  This is only for people who are ready to start their own business and share ADN’s offer with others.

If you are a Top Earner in the industry, ADN has a Special Top Earner Program where you can make $300 per sign up.  They show how you can make that amount per day if you fall into that category of earning capability.

Top Anti-Aging Products

ADN has several products that I consider worthy of mentioning, having tried them for myself.


“Not only do my patients love PhytoZon®, but it’s also my secret weapon. I have my racehorses on PhtyoZon® and they are WINNING BIG!”  — Dr. Curtis Smith

Wild Shiaga  Super Immune Booster! Plus.  A POWERFUL Essential Oils Blend!  (My anti-flu and pneumonia nutritional)

Nu-Derma GoldTM Amazing Results – Everyone LOVES NU-DERMA GOLD for skincare.

Nitro Beet Factor is a remarkable Cardiovascular Super Food.

PureAquaMins® Purify your water, enrich your body with essential minerals. 

Stem Cell Release Factor. The stem cell research is the hottest research front in a hundred years

There are other products but the above are the ones I use so far.


ADN has Over 20 Years of Experience Developing World Class Nutritional Products and Providing Premier support.  ADN provides multiple ways to share their incredible products.

ADN is a company with products my family cannot stay healthy without.  I highly recommend ADN’s products and marketing program to others.

Order your ADN Products Now

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DISCLAIMER: I remind you that I am not a medical professional.  I am not saying that you will have the same results as I.  Nothing I have said should be misconstrued to mean I give any advice. Should you have unresolved pain or other problems you should always contact your doctor for professional care.