I Always Considered Myself A Baby Boomer

I’m “almost” a baby boomer

I always considered myself a baby boomer until recently when I saw a definitive time for the baby boomers. So I guess I’m “almost” a baby boomer having been born in 1943 and the boomers didn’t start until 1946-64 (when WWII ended).

My health was typically good with having had all the childhood illnesses, except mumps. The mumps didn’t come until I had four children and we all got them at the same time. Well, I think one of the kiddos brought them home from school and then the rest of us came down with the mumps at the same time.

They didn’t have the mumps shot in those days. We didn’t have Google to keep us up-to-date with all the latest information about disease and immunization. Instead, I had to use common sense and wonder?  So the smallpox vaccination was discontinued when my second child was born around 1967.

It seems that more people were dying from the smallpox vaccine than not. So they discontinued it with the idea that if there is an epidemic that breaks out. they will resume vaccinations for it, but otherwise not.

I used to paint morning glory leaves with DDT. To kill it, and wow, did it kill those little nuisances.  To think I was using it in the garden where our food was contaminated by it makes me shriek with horror.   When they realized DDT was a poison it was not available anymore.  I didn’t think the FDA would allow us to use anything that might be harmful to our food.

The day DDT  was done away with was about the same time as the smallpox vaccine was stopped.   And then there was Fluoride that was questioned because it was causing mottling of some peoples’ teeth.  I was giving it to my two young boys.

By the time my second child was getting his back teeth growing in, I could see mottling of his teeth. That was three things that had been eliminated or discussed in our lives and now were being deemed potentially unsafe.

Questions, and  More Questions

I started questioning a lot of things? wondering just how safe other immunizations, vaccine, and chemicals that we used on the garden were.  Just how safe were they?  Were there more things I needed to be concerned with?

We often missed immunizations when my children were sick when we were supposed to go get their shots.  Then I became acquainted with other moms who had similar feelings as I had.  “Think for yourself” became my motto.

51 years later there are people admitting that some heavy metals often go into the immunizations.  People are even wondering if immunizations are causing ADD and ADHD and autism in our children.

Connecting the Dots Thru Childhood

I was a very rambunctious child and was probably like one of my granddaughters who just can’t sit still.  My mother would always ask if I had to go to the bathroom because I was wiggling so much.   And so by the time I was 12, I had twice fallen out of 2 different trees and had developed a problem of falling asleep at the table, in school class, immediately after lunch, or in church, or just anytime during the day.

As a child, we lived on an 80-acre farm In Idaho, where my dad milked about 30 head of cows.  So in spite of it being the wartime. just after the Great Depression, we had all the food we needed to eat, so I got good nutrition as a child.

The cows provided us the milk and beef. The chickens provided eggs and we even had raised some chickens to eat each year.  The pigs provided bacon, ham,  and roasts, and sheep gave us mutton and lamb steaks. We had all the cheese and butter we wanted, and our garden and other crops growing on that farm provided plenty of food to eat.  We sold eggs and milk for cash to buyour clothes to wear and other essentials. I had no idea that the depression was going on

We didn’t have a television, but we had all kinds of outbuildings to explore and haystacks and straw stacks to build forts in, and trees to climb and chicken coop attics to explore so my childhood was full of activity and I was full of curiosity.

There was an old shop with an accompanying garage and cooled egg house, where we kept the eggs until the truck arrived each week to pick up the eggs.  I learned responsibility by having to gather eggs, brush the eggs, and even wash the eggs if they needed it. There was never a dull moment.

Decision time

After spending 10 years on the farm, my parents were just not getting ahead financially, and so my father had to look for other employment where he could make a sufficient income to put us kids through college. 

My father was faced with similar decisions as we have to make today when we don’t make sufficient for our needs.

I guess $400 a month was hardly sufficient to exist on for a family of five children. Times haven’t changed much since then, except we’ve got quite a few more luxuries we live with now.  And our income is more like $4000 a month now that is needed just to survive.

It was about this time that the symptoms of Narcolepsy began to surface in me.  I couldn’t stay awake, sometimes even when doing things I was excited about.  One Christmas I couldn’t even stay awake to open my packages after a good night’s sleep.

Discovery of Narcolepsy

Everyone considered I was extremely rude to fall asleep.  It wasn’t until I got to college that we found out I had Narcolepsy and Catalepsy.  When I had an EEG, my brain waves just went straight through most of the test (a sign of the brain sleeping.)  Then there would be three abrupt upside down v’s and then straight lines of sleep again. Over and over again this happened. The doctor called the upside down V’s “Catalepsy”.

My doctor put me on Dexidrine for Narcolepsy and medication that Epilepsy patients took for Catelepsy.  But he assured me I did not have Epilepsy.

I was the youngest in my class in school but I still managed to pull B’s and some A’s And so I graduated high school when I was 17 and entered college before I turned 18.

Learning My Limitations

Other than not being able to stay awake in many of my classes I loved college and still pulled A’s and B’s. I remember taking a history class that started at 7 o’clock in the morning and I could never get to class on time because I couldn’t get going in the morning..

My father always said “set your alarm and then put your feet on the floor as soon as the alarm goes off, “ I did it every day, But I was always coming into that class late.  In fact I flunked that class because I was late, even though I had a B average. I learned something about myself that year and that I should never take a 7 AM class.

After I took an EEG brainwave test and discovered that I had narcolepsy, (probably from falling out of the tree and landing on my head from a 10 feet fall ) the nurse said “Wow, you must have been sleeping half your life away”.  That was a true statement – I definitely had been sleeping most of my life away.

The first thing the doctor asked was if I had had a fall sometime in my life.  I told him about falling from the tree and knocking myself out because I fell on my head.  He said “Well, that is probably the reason  you have  Narcolepsy.”

A Nutritional Deficiency?

It never occurred to me that it might be a nutritional deficiency that caused my Narcolepsy. So that doctor prescribed some narcotic medication, Dexedrine, or Ritalin. After taking those meds for about 10 years on and off, my memory was leaving me and I had miscarried three times. I didn’t know which was worse, the cause/problem or the medicine for the problem.

In the meantime, I abandoned the meds for narcolepsy, tried to deal with it naturally, and manage it through nutrition.  As my memory became worse and worse I simply wasn’t going to risk taking it.

We didn’t have a TV,  cell phones, a computer, Google, or Siri to ask for answers to tough questions.  Much water has gone “under the bridge”, so to speak, and I sought ways to inform others about my struggles.

After building two previous websites I began to realize that working online is the way to reach many people.

If you want more info on Narcolepsy and my discoveries, you can learn more about my struggle with it on my “About Me” page on this website.

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